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Even with vaccine, probably shouldn’t rush into easing up on restrictions
With vaccines, we might be tempted to jump back into “normal” life before…Tags: Columbia University, coronavirus, model, New York Times, vaccine
Awesome functions in pandas and seaborn
Just a couple of handy functions to visualise and overview data
Random number generation with lava lamps
Tom Scott explains how Cloudflare uses a wall of lava lamps to generate…Tags: Cloudflare, lava lamp, randomness, Tom Scott
Low-tech transparency
I recently received two large data files from a client, with names like foo.xlsx and foo.csv. Presumably these are redundant; the latter is probably an export of the former. I did a spot check and that seems to be the case. Then I had a bright idea: use pandas to …
Not so likely life of The Simpsons
For The Atlantic, Dani Alexis Ryskamp compares the financials of The Simpsons against…Tags: Atlantic, median, money, The Simpsons, work
Data pathology
This post is an expansion of something I wrote on Twitter: Data scientists often complain that the bulk of their work is data cleaning. But if you see data cleaning as the work, not just an obstacle to the work, it can be interesting. You could think of it as …
Machine learning to find a recipe for a baked good that’s half cake and half cookie
Last year, around the time when people were baking a lot of things,…Tags: baking, food, machine learning, recipe
Neural network creates images from text
OpenAI trained a neural network that they call DALL·E with a dataset of…Tags: images, neural network, OpenAI, text
Blob Opera is a machine learning model you can make music with
David Li, in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture, made a fun experiment…Tags: blob, David Li, Google, machine learning, opera
Insights into US Gun Violence Data
Shiny Website | Github | LinkedIn Introduction Guns and gun ownership have long become one of the most emblematic features of the United States, both in popular media and in policy. The vast majority of information pertaining to firearms has come to us translated through disparate, often politically partisan sources, …
Predictive probability for large populations
Suppose you want to estimate the number of patients who respond to some treatment in a large population of size N and what you have is data on a small sample of size n. The usual way of going about this calculates the proportion of responses in the small sample, …
Through the eyes of the algorithm
Eugene Wei looks closer at the algorithms that drive TikTok and how its…Tags: algorithm, Eugene Wei, TikTok
Scented candle reviews on Amazon and Covid-19
Prompted by a tweet about scented candles without smell and Covid-19, Kate Petrova…Tags: Amazon, candles, coronavirus, Kate Petrova, smell
Jobs of a data scientist
Roger Peng outlines four main roles of a data scientist: If you’re reading…Tags: data science, jobs, Roger Peng
A Mini MacroEconometer for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's/state’s borders in a specific time period. As a broad measure of overall domestic production, it functions as a comprehensive scorecard of a given country’s/state’s economic health. But, is …
Good news from Pfizer and Moderna
Both Pfizer and Moderna have announced recently that their SARS-COV2 vaccine candidates reduce the rate of infection by over 90% in the active group compared to the control (placebo) group. That’s great news. The vaccines may turn out to be less than 90% effective when all is said and done, …
Debunking claims of election rigging
There’s a video (one of too many I am sure) going around that…Tags: debunking, election, Kristian Lum
Estimate your Covid-19 risk, given location and activities
The microCOVID Project provides a calculator that lets you put in where you…Tags: coronavirus, risk