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1. Introduction The aim of the project is to find the algorithm that can best predict housing prices in Ames, a city in the State of Iowa. Ames is a growing city in Iowa that has experienced some recent real estate developments. This project intends to provide insight that can …
When you don’t own your face
For The New York Times, Kashmir Hill describes the implications of facial recognition…Tags: Clearview, facial recognition, New York Times, privacy
Public agencies using facial recognition software without oversight
An anonymous source supplied BuzzFeed News with usage data from Clearview AI, the…Tags: Clearview, facial recognition, police, privacy
Technopolitics of the U.S. census
Dan Bouk and Danah Boyd wrote an essay on the data infrastructure and…Tags: census, counting
The Data Journalism Handbook
The Data Journalism Handbook: Towards a Critical Data Practice now has a second…Tags: book, data journalism
Teaching statistical models with wine tasting
For The Pudding, Lars Verspohl provides an introduction to statistical models disguised as…Tags: modeling, Pudding, wine
Statistical limits
Reviewing Deborah Stone’s Counting and Tim Harford’s The Data Detective, Hannah Fry discusses…Tags: Hannah Fry, limitations
Inadequate hate crime statistics
For ProPublica, Ken Schwencke reports on a poor data system that relies on…Tags: crime, hate, police, ProPublica
Rising number of anti-Asian attacks
Russell Jeung, chair of the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State…Tags: Asian, racism
Computing normal probabilities with a simple calculator
If you need to calculate Φ(x), the CDF of a standard normal random variable, but don’t have Φ on your calculator, you can use the approximation [1] Φ(x) ≈ 0.5 + 0.5*tanh(0.8 x). If you don’t have a tanh function on your calculator, you can use tanh(0.8x) = (exp(1.6x) – …
DeepTomCruise breakdown
Chris Ume, with the help of Tom Cruise impersonator Miles Fisher, created highly…Tags: AI, deepfake, TikTok, Tom Cruise
Machine learning to find movie ideas
Speaking of A.I. and fiction, Adam Epstein for Quartz reported on how Wattpad,…Tags: fiction, machine learning, Quartz, Wattpad
A.I. love story
Pamela Miskhin, in collaboration with The Pudding, wrote a love story. It’s not…Tags: AI, Pamela Mishkin, Pudding, story
10 statistical lessons from the past pandemic year
The Royal Statistical Society published ten lessons governments should takeaway from this year,…Tags: coronavirus, learning, Royal Statistical Society
Descriptive Statistics for World GDP per Capita with Python
Learn how to produce descriptive statistics for GDP data using Python data science techniques.
Forecasting Covid-19 cases in the early goings
There was a lot of uncertainty in the beginning of the pandemic, so…Tags: coronavirus, forecasting, Youyang Gu
Scaled Beta2 distribution
I recently ran across a new probability distribution called the “Scaled Beta2” or “SBeta2” for short in [1]. For positive argument x and for positive parameters p, q, and b, its density is This is a heavy-tailed distribution. For large x, the probability density is O(x–q-1), the same as a …
Definition of an algorithm
Oftentimes we see “algorithms” referenced in various contexts, but the definition of an…Tags: algorithm, Kristian Lum