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Based on poll, a lot of people think Bill Gates is plotting to inject a tracker via coronavirus vaccine?
A Yahoo News/YouGov poll recently showed this: Only 40% of American adults are…Tags: Bill Gates, coronavirus, vaccine, Yahoo, YouGov
Quantitative finance and Data visualization in Python for Beginners
This article is intended for people who want to learn about data science on the Finance side
Machine learning to make a dictionary of words that do not exist
Thomas Dimson trained a model to generate words that don’t exist in real…Tags: machine learning, Thomas Dimson, words
CRM consulting gig
This morning I had someone from a pharmaceutical company call me with questions about conducting a CRM dose-finding trial and I mentioned it to my wife. Then this afternoon she was reading a book in which there was a dialog between husband and wife including this sentence: He launched into …
Comparing Covid-19 models
FiveThirtyEight compared six Covid-19 models for a sense of where we might be…Tags: coronavirus, FiveThirtyEight, modeling
Looking for generational gaps in music
Inspired by the genre of YouTube videos where younger people listen to older…Tags: generations, music, Pudding
Neural network generates convincing songs by famous singers
Jukebox from OpenAI is a generative model that makes music in the same…Tags: Jukebox, music, neural network, OpenAI
Text-to-speech models trained on celebrity voices
The Vocal Synthesis channel on YouTube trains text-to-speech models using publicly available celebrity…Tags: celebrity, deepfake, neural network, voice
Testing the infinite monkey theorem
If you have a room of monkeys hitting keys on typewriters for an…Tags: infinite monkey, music, Pudding
A Gentle Introduction to Degrees of Freedom in Machine Learning
Degrees of freedom is an important concept from statistics and engineering. It is often employed to summarize the number of values used in the calculation of a statistic, such as a sample statistic or in a statistical hypothesis test. In machine learning, the degrees of freedom may refer to the …
Forecasting Best Practices, from Microsoft
Microsoft has released a GitHub repository to share best practices for time series forecasting. From the repo: Time series forecasting is one of the most important topics in data science. Almost every business needs to predict the future in order to make better decisions and allocate resources more effectively. This …
Solving an age-old problem using Bayesian Average
Almost every single website, app or platform on the internet has some sort of rating system in place. Whenever you purchase a product or use a service, you are asked to rate it on a scale, say 1 to...
Not making Covid-19 charts
Will Chase, who specialized in visualization for epidemiological studies in grad school, outlined…Tags: coronavirus, responsibility, uncertainty, Will Chase
Challenges of making a reliable Covid-19 model
Fatalities from Covid-19 range from the hundreds of thousands to the millions. Nobody…Tags: coronavirus, FiveThirtyEight, modeling
Johns Hopkins providing course on using epidemiology to understand the Covid-19 numbers
The numbers are fuzzy. You take them at face value, and you end…Tags: course, epidemiology, Johns Hopkins
Communicating a crisis
David Spiegelhalter on communicating a crisis: There are some basic principles, which I…Tags: communication, crisis, David Spiegelhalter
R lang : handy table functions
A couple of handly functions to work with table in R Studio.
Simple clinical trial of four COVID-19 treatments
A story came out in Science yesterday saying the World Health Organization is launching a trial of what it believes are the the four most promising treatments for COVID-19 (a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2, novel coronavirus, etc.) The four treatment arms will be Remdesivir Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine Ritonavir + lopinavir Ritonavir + lopinavir …