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How to Use AWS FSx in Your Next Data Project
AWS FSx is a fully managed file storage service provided by Amazon Web Services. It is designed to provide cost-efficient, scalable, and high-performance storage solutions for a wide range of […] The post How to Use AWS FSx in Your Next Data Project appeared first on Datafloq.
The rise and fall of Olive AI
Why is Olive AI shutting down? Olive AI was a shining star that seemed to defy gravity with its meteoric rise. With innovative strategies and cutting-edge tactics, this healthcare startup soared to impressive heights, capturing the attention of investors and healthcare organizations alike. Yet, the recent announcement of Olive AI …
First Startup Engineer with @zvonimirfras: TDI 22
“If you’re not learning A LOT, something’s not right. Change it up.” — Zvonimir Fras (@zvonimirfras) on Threads Today we have @zvonimirfras. You were the first software engineer at a startup. What was that like? Chaotic 😛 They initially hired me to kick-start their web platform, but I also got …
Threads Dev Interview 7: @tomjohnson3
“My philosophy as a CTO is that my most important job is to keep the team focused and busy.” — Tom Johnson (@tomjohnson3) on Threads What is the back story around the creation of @trymultiplayer and how is it going? Good morning Ryan and thanks for having me! I really …
OpenAI Startup Fund led a $23.5 million investment round in Mem
Why is OpenAI recognized for changing the industry? OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company, and the OpenAI startup funds are one of the drivers. Vicki Cheung, a computer scientist who founded OpenAI, set out to develop technology with a significant social benefit without considering how well it would
Is HR ready for blockchain?
The demand for blockchain in HR is increasing, and we are here to explain why. Blockchain technology is quickly becoming a staple in many industries, including HR. Here are some of the advantages of using blockchain in HR, as well as examples of startups that are already using it. Blockchain
AI-Powered Fintech Startup Zeni Raises $34m in Series B Round
This article was originally published on Grit Daily and is reproduced with permission. The Palo Alto and Pune-based Al-powered fintech startup Zeni has completed a Series B fundraising round and secured $34 million. It is an advanced fintech platform that allows companies to do all their financial tracking in one
Celebrating Growth at Databricks and 1,000 Employees!
This November, Databricks hired our 1,000th full-time employee! Founded in Berkeley in 2013, our six co-founders created Databricks to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems – and since then, we’ve grown tremendously! Not only have we had some major milestones like our Microsoft partnership, resulting in Azure Databricks …
How to Be a Great Data Scientist
So you got a job in data science. Now, how do you prove your value as a great data scientist by making a big impact at your new company? The post How to Be a Great Data Scientist appeared first on Dataquest.
What are the SportsTech opportunities in Europe?
Here is what a recent report says about opportunities for startups in Sports Technology in Europe. With 1500 startups and 900 new investment deals, it is safe to say that the field is vast and possibilities in the sector are booming. What is a SportsTech startup? How are these startups …
Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast Episode 11: Stephanie Rivera
Stephanie Rivera has worked in machine learning and data science for academic research (at University of Tennessee), for the government (Department of Defense), for a large consulting firm (Booz Allen), and now for a startup (MyStrength). In the interview, she discusses her career path, her experiences with mentorship, and her …