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How Relogix reduced infrastructure costs by 80% with Delta Lake and Azure Databricks
Introduction Relogix is a leading workspace analytics and sensor-as-a-service provider for workplace monitoring, management, and performance. Founded on a decade... The post How Relogix reduced infrastructure costs by 80% with Delta Lake and Azure Databricks appeared first on Databricks.
Arquero, a JavaScript library to query and transform datasets
An often painful yet necessary step in visualization is to get your data…Tags: formatting, JavaScript
The Future of Cloud-Based Team Collaboration Software in 2020
The coronavirus has forever changed how companies operate. While many had already embraced remote collaboration tools to an extent, the need to quickly transition to a completely remote environment has been a challenge that’s caused plenty of disruptions across most industries. However, while the global pandemic has had a huge …
How To Manage OpenShift Secrets With Akeyless Vault
Developed by RedHat, OpenShift is an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud Kubernetes platform. It is essentially a commercial version of the open source container orchestration system designed to automate the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. OpenShift can be described as a hybrid K8s application platform that operates as a platform-as-a-service …
Two.js for two-dimensional drawing and animation in modern web browsers
“Two.js is deeply inspired by flat motion graphics. As a result, two.js aims…Tags: animation, JavaScript
Hadoop Data Mining Tools Can Enhance The Value Of Digital Assets
The digital marketing field has become far more datacentric in recent years. Before the turn of the century, the reliance on data technology was little more than nonexistent. It was primarily limited to handling the backend computations needed to handle the bandwidth of large websites. Web developers utilized data to …
How Vertical Integration Can Power Up Business Software
Vertical integration is a critical principle used across industries to streamline processes. Though it was originally used primarily in manufacturing – the Ford Motor Company embraced the practice in the 1920s when they began making their own steel – today, the practice spans fields as diverse as agriculture, eyewear, entertainment, …
Extract data from a plot in a flat image file
Maybe you’ve seen a chart and wished you could look at the data…Tags: datasets, image
“Take On Me” by a-ha recreated in Excel
Dylan Tallchief recreated “Take On Me” by a-ha in Excel. It’s not the…Tags: a-ha, Excel, songs
Consolidate Your Software Spend Data For Better IT Budget Planning
Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Technology is developing at a breakneck pace. The world is becoming ever-more dependent on the assistance of digital tools and apps to complete business tasks. So it’s no surprise that IT budgets are hard to stick to, even as they continue to …
Understanding New Data-Driven Methodologies In Software Development
Big data has turned the software industry on its head. The relationship between software development and big data is a two-way street. While many software developers are looking to create new applications that use big data, they are also using big data to streamline development. Almost every piece of hardware …
R turned 20 years old
R turned 20 last week. The first public release of R was on…Tags: birthday, R
Datylon Graph is a visualization extension for Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator has charting functions that can be useful if you’re on a…Tags: Datylon, Illustrator
CineShader, for cinematic shaders
From Lusion, CineShader is a fun editor for those who are familiar with…Tags: Lusion, shader
Presidential Hopefuls screensaver bounces heads around based on polling data
I know you don’t get enough election coverage these days and are probably…Tags: election, screensaver
Top DevOps Trends that Will Matter in 2020 For Your Business
Have you ever heard of the most effective DevOps e.g. Development Operations practices? If you haven’t, then you should start to care about implementing DevOps infrastructure into your business as it helps to deliver applications or any software faster and effectively while spending fewer team efforts. Furthermore, thanks to such …
Machine Learning Opens Door For Evocon OEE Software In Manufacturing
I am a regular reader of Louis Columbus on Forbes. He recently wrote a great article on the impact of machine learning on global manufacturing. There are plenty of ways that manufacturers are using machine learning to bolster their bottom line. These include: Detecting product defects with machine learning can …
How to Choose a New Inventory Software System
Inventory management software, if implemented correctly, can help you save time, improve the accuracy of your product tracking, and even improve your bottom-line financials. However, there are many ways to get it wrong. If you choose a platform that’s hard to use, you’ll spend as much time training employees and …