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AI Can Help Accelerate Development with Low-Code Frameworks
Artificial intelligence technology is significantly changing the software development profession. According to Github, 1.2 million developers already rely on artificial intelligence technology to do their jobs. However, despite their knowledge about programming, many developers do not fully grasp the benefits that AI can bring to their profession. There are a …
Significance of IVR in VoIP Communications
Since the beginning of its mass adoption, the VoIP sector has provided several businesses with creative and affordable communication options. Over the years, several incredible and ground-breaking ideas have revolutionized […] The post Significance of IVR in VoIP Communications appeared first on Datafloq.
What is ERP Software? How Can It Help Your Business?
People in modern-day companies of all sizes ought to juggle some of obligations. Human assets, deliver chain management, customer relationship control (CRM), and production aid planning are just a few […] The post What is ERP Software? How Can It Help Your Business? appeared first on Datafloq.
An Ultimate Guide on Technical Debt in Software Development
What is technical debt? Technical debt describes an approach where software development teams choose to apply easy-to-implement solutions in an attempt to achieve quick project delivery in the shortest possible […] The post An Ultimate Guide on Technical Debt in Software Development appeared first on Datafloq.
How Hackathon Software Can Benefit Employees
In today's world, technological innovation is key for businesses of all sizes. Employers want to drive creativity and innovation and ensure that their employees are constantly learning and improving. Hackathons […] The post How Hackathon Software Can Benefit Employees appeared first on Datafloq.
Importance of Augmented Staffing Model
For any business, it is challenging to find competitive and skillful employees. In addition, as we know training new joinees can impact budgets or affect the company's revenues. Hiring and […] The post Importance of Augmented Staffing Model appeared first on Datafloq.
What is Power BI Embedded in Azure?
Introduction to Power BI Power BI data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is being used in a variety of business sectors as a direct result of recent expansions and developments in existing information […] The post What is Power BI Embedded in Azure? appeared first on Datafloq.
3 AI-Based Strategies to Develop Software in Uncertain Times
AI technology is becoming increasingly important for software developers. We talked about some of the ways software developers can create successful AI applications. However it is equally important to use existing AI tools strategically to improve the quality of the software app lications that you are trying to design. AI …
Digital Transformation in Software Development – Why is the Change Imperative?
Digital transformation is the process through which companies get their businesses embedded with advanced technologies for driving fundamental change. The benefits? Greater agility, increased efficiency, and unlocking new opportunities and values for employees shareholders, and customers. Global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach a valuation of 1.6 million …
Simple example of Kleisli composition
When a program needs to work with different systems of units, it’s best to consistently use one system internally and convert to another system for output if necessary. For example, maybe you need to work in degrees and radians. It would be sensible to do all calculations in radians, because …
Getting pulled back in
“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” — Michael Corleone, The Godfather, Part 3 My interest in category theory goes in cycles. Something will spark my interest in it, and I’ll dig a little further. Then I reach my abstraction tolerance and put it back …
Key Criteria When Hiring AI Software Development Agency
There are a number of amazing AI companies. You may want to create an equally successful one. However, you won’t be able to do this without the best experts at your side. There are a lot of factors that you have to take into consideration when hiring a company to …
Digitalization in Healthcare Industry- What’s New in 2022
The rapid evolution of digital innovations has ensured the modification of systems, interactions, and processes associated with the health and wellness industry. Through better, more transparent, and inclusive systems, patients […] The post Digitalization in Healthcare Industry- What’s New in 2022 appeared first on Datafloq.
Roles of Python Developer in Data Science Teams
Data science is a very complex field that requires the insights of professionals from many different disciplines. One of the fields of professionals that are so important for data science projects are Python developers. What is the Python programming language? Why is it so important in the data science profession? …
Code katas taken more literally
Code katas are programming exercises intended to develop programming skills, analogous to the way katas develop martial art skills. But literal katas are choreographed. They are rituals rather than problem-solving exercises. There may be an element of problem solving, such as figuring how to better execute the prescribed movements, but …
6 Tips for Building a Successful AI Software Business
Are you considering starting a software business that sells AI applications? This can be a great idea, since the demand for AI technology is booming. Artificial intelligence technology has become more popular than anyone ever projected. Here are some statistics on the changes AI is creating: A report by Gartner …
7 Software Development Challenges & How To Tackle Them
Software development is not as easy as we perceive. Building a startup or a product from scratch is a time-consuming and complicated process. You need to develop a valuable and unique idea that the users would prefer. You must develop a meaningful product and sell it successfully to users or …
Visualizing C operator precedence
Here’s an idea for visualizing C operator precedence. You snake your way through the diagram starting from left to right. Operators at the same precedence level are on the same horizontal level. Following the arrows for changing directions, you move from left-to-right through the operators that associate left-to-right and you …