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✚ How to Use Packed Circles in R
Adjust coordinates, geometries, and encodings with packed circles to make various types of charts.Tags: R
Microsoft365R: testers wanted
by Hong Ooi Microsoft365R author here. I've just updated the package on GitHub with the following features: Add support for shared mailboxes to get_business_outlook(). To access a shared mailbox, supply one of the arguments shared_mbox_id, shared_mbox_name or shared_mbox_email specifying the ID, displayname or email address of the mailbox respectively. Add …
Introduction to the R Programming Language – Basic Concepts for Beginners
Our guest author today is Joachim Schork from Statistics Globe. I asked Joachim to give us an intro to a data language that we haven’t covered so far... The post Introduction to the R Programming Language – Basic Concepts for Beginners appeared first on Data36.
Phoenix Crime Frequency Analysis (R Shiny App)
Shiny App | Github | LinkedIn Background & Inspiration Phoenix - the fifth-largest U.S. city behind New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston - has been one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with a population of over 1.7 million as of April 2021. According to U.S. Census …
Value of R, the Statistics-specific language
Paul Ford has been learning R to better understand the field of Statistics.…Tags: Paul Ford, R
Average color of geographic areas
Based on satellite imagery, Erin Davis found the average color of places around…Tags: color, Erin Davis, R, satellite imagery
✚ How to Make Alluvial Diagrams
Here's how to do it in R from start to finish, plus editing in illustration software. Make design choices and trade-offs for more readable charts.Tags: color, Excel, Illustrator, layout, R
Recommendations for YouTube Content Creators
See the Shiny App!LinkedIn | GitHub | Author Bio Summary: Digital content creation is a roughly $12B industry and is estimated to be growing at a 12% annual rate. Platforms such as YouTube lower the threshold for individuals to get involved in the industry, and the creation of content by …
Analysis on Vehicle Recalls
Introduction Vehicle Safety is important when considering to buy or make a new vehicle. Most accidents do occur due to human error, but 2% can occur from a vehicle component defect or issue. In 2016, vehicle recalls cost companies $22 billion in claims and warranty accruals. In this study, I …
NYC Profitable Property Analysis
Background In this project, I planned to find profitable or undervalued properties to invest in by: - looking into a dataset of past NYC property sales - finding out what makes a property profitable - finding out what makes a profitable property different from other properties This project is aimed …
Cryptocurrency Market Explorer App
Link to Shiny App | Author LinkedIn Page Background My interest in the subject of cryptocurrency and the pricing of coins arose from me seeing how prominently cryptocurrencies have been featured in the news over the past year. Earlier this year, I downloaded the app Coinbase (which allows user to …
AzureR update: new in May/June
by Hong Ooi This is a summary of the updates to AzureR family of packages in May and June 2021. AzureAuth Change the default caching behaviour to disable the cache if running inside Shiny. Update Shiny vignette to clean up redirect page after authenticating (thanks to Tyler Littlefield). Add a …
Transform an image into a pixel-ly visual
Here’s a fun interactive by Duc-Quang Nguyen. Upload an image and get back…Tags: Duc-Quang Nguyen, pixels, R
✚ Making a Quick, Custom Prevalence Map – The Process 139
This week I'm describing my process behind a quick map. You can download the code at the end of this issue.Tags: code, R
A Shiny App for Freezer Management
LinkedIn| Other Work Github Repository | Explore the App Background Our engineers and scientists were having difficulty managing all the versions of frozen yogurt (Froyo) made by the production team, and I was brought in to provide a solution. Froyo can be made from one of several strains of bacteria. …
Microsoft365R 2.1.0 with Outlook support now on CRAN
by Hong Ooi I’m happy to announce that Microsoft365R 2.1.0 is now on CRAN with Outlook email support! Here’s a quick summary of the new features: Send, reply to and forward emails, optionally composed with blastula or emayili Copy and move emails between folders Create, delete, copy and move folders …
Send postcards of plots made in R
How many times have you made a plot in R and thought, “I…Tags: ggirl, ggplot2, Jacqueline Nolis, postcards, R
✚ How to Make Ternary Plots in R, with ggplot2
When you want to compare between three parts of your data, ternary plots might be a good option. Here is how to make them.Tags: ggplot2, R