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US Population Analysis by County and Year
The study of population over time is a very important topic that can have regular meaning in our everyday lives. Beyond the fact that this year is a census year where we can get a more accurate count of our populations, county population can be very interesting and reveal a …
Our Unseen NYC Neighbor
If I asked you what group in NYC made up one of the most populous and wide-spread in the city, who would you think would most likely come to mind? No matter what your answer, the group would almost certainly be a group of humans. But no one in this …
✚ How to Make Animated Histograms in R, with ggplot and gganimate
Make them move to show a shift in distributions over time.Tags: ggplot, R
Create and deploy a Custom Vision predictive service in R with AzureVision
The AzureVision package is an R frontend to Azure Computer Vision and Azure Custom Vision. These services let you leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud to carry out visual recognition tasks using advanced image processing models, with minimal machine learning expertise. The basic idea behind Custom Vision is to take a pre-built …
AzureQstor: R interface to Azure Queue Storage now on GitHub
This post is to announce that the AzureQstor package is now on GitHub. AzureQstor provides an R interface to Azure queue storage, building on the facilities provided by AzureStor. Queue Storage is a service for storing large numbers of messages, for example from automated sensors, that can be accessed remotely …
R : word cloud from dataframe
Create word cloud in R from dataframe
R : word frequency in dataframe
Visualize words frequency from dataframe and remove stopwords
The Value of an NBA Draft Pick
Throughout its rich history, sports have been the ultimate release when looking for a distraction from the stresses of the real world. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people assumed watching, talking and breathing sports would be the perfect forget-the-pandemic-for-a-second elixir. Fast forward to today, and it's been nearly two months without …
Plan your Diet with Shiny
At one point or another, most of us have made personal goals to eat more nutritious, balanced meals. Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, have more energy, put on muscle, or just feel better throughout the day, managing one's diet is a key way to achieve all …
Are FEMA’s Finances Leaking?
RShiny App | LinkedIn | GitHub Summary (2 min read) : Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey were unprecedented in their financial impact. The 2005, 2012, and 2017 hurricane seasons yielded a total flood claim payout of $38 billion. As of 2019, the claims from these three hurricane seasons accounted for …
How to teach using Kaggle
Do not waist time in classes installing things. You can use pre-installed notebooks to teach Python, R, DataScience, MachineLearning.
R 4.0.0 now available, and a look back at R's history
R 4.0.0 was released in source form on Friday, and binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux are available for download now. As the version number bump suggests, this is a major update to R that makes some significant changes. Some of these changes — particularly the first one listed below …
✚ How to Visualize Anomalies in Time Series Data in R, with ggplot
Quickly see what's below and above average through the noise and seasonal trends.Tags: ggplot, R
Forecasting Best Practices, from Microsoft
Microsoft has released a GitHub repository to share best practices for time series forecasting. From the repo: Time series forecasting is one of the most important topics in data science. Almost every business needs to predict the future in order to make better decisions and allocate resources more effectively. This …
Tutorial: Web Scraping in R with rvest
Learn how to do web scraping in R by using the rvest package to scrape data about the weather in this free R web scraping tutorial. The post Tutorial: Web Scraping in R with rvest appeared first on Dataquest.
foreach 1.5.0 now available on CRAN
This post is to announce that version 1.5.0 of the foreach package is now on CRAN. Foreach is an idiom that allows for iterating over elements in a collection, without the use of an explicit loop counter. The foreach package is now more than 10 years old, and is used …
R lang : handy table functions
A couple of handly functions to work with table in R Studio.
How to Flatten the Curve, a Social Distancing Simulation
Using R, we look at how your decreased interaction with others can help slow the spread of infectious diseases.Tags: animation, R, simulation