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Starbucks store location analysis
Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee brands in the world. Since founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, it has been constantly growing and now has more than 22,519 stores worldwide ( The purpose of this project is to understand the underlying logic of Starbucks store opening strategy, so as …
Identifying Trading Opportunities of Class 1 Rail Stocks from Analyzing Rail Carloads
Link to Shiny Project Link to the Code Background on rails If Warren Buffet were stuck on a deserted island and could only have access to one economic indicator, he said he would choose rail carloads (he owns Burlington Northern, one of the largest railroads in the US). While rails …
To meet future demands, fight climate change, decrease reliance on foreign powers, encourage global stability and support the local economy, Spain ought to decrease its dependence on imported fossil fuels and shift focus to take advantage of renewable energy sources available within. According to Eurostat data from 2018, Spain imports …
✚ How to Make Symbol-based Glyph Charts, with R Examples
Using geometric shapes as an encoding can provide another dimension to your charts.Tags: R
Making map art in R
If you can make maps in your software and customize the aesthetics, you…Tags: Esteban Moro, R
Leading Causes of Mortality by U.S.A. County
LinkedIn | GitHub | Email | Data Venit Mors Velocitor Why would it be helpful to know the leading causes of mortality of a given population at a granular level and how they have been trending? Well, does it come into play when considering places to live or travel? Would …
Is R Required for Data Science? (my opinion)
There are three popular languages for data scientists: SQL, Python and R. I create a lot of tutorials about SQL and Python on my blog… But I never... The post Is R Required for Data Science? (my opinion) appeared first on Data36.
Colorado COVID vs. Demographics Why build a COVID website for Colorado? Building a COVID visualization website in 2020 runs the risk of being a redundant task. With the world gripped by this continuing pandemic, thousands of data scientists have tackled how to visualize the impact of this novel virus in the last …
R 4.0.3 now available
The R Core Team has released R 4.0.3 (codename: "Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out"), the latest update to the R statistical computing system. This is a minor update to the R 4.0.x series, and so should not require any changes to existing R 4.0 scripts or packages. It is available for download …
Presidential Plinko
To visualize uncertainty in election forecasts, Matthew Kay from Northwestern University used a…Tags: election, Matthew Kay, Plinko, R, uncertainty
Is Python better than R for data science?
In this Article you are going to know Is Python better than R for data science.
Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 now available
Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 has been released, combining the latest R language engine with multi-processor performance and tools for managing R packages reproducibly. You can download Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 for Windows,and Linux from MRAN now. Microsoft R Open is 100% compatible with all R version 4 scripts and packages, …
Momentum in Sports: Does Conference Tournament Performance Impact NCAA Tournament Performance
Every year in March, the NCAA holds its March Madness basketball tournament to crown a National Champion. Prior to this, many conferences also hold a conference tournament to name their Conference Champions. I've often wondered 'Is there any correlation to how a team peforms in their conference tourney and how …
Learn to Code Free — Our Interactive Courses Are ALL Free This Week!
Learn programming for data analysis from right in your browser while writing real code and working with real data. Free for a limited time! The post Learn to Code Free — Our Interactive Courses Are ALL Free This Week! appeared first on Dataquest.
Friends sitcom transcript dataset
For your analytical perusal, Emil Hvitfeldt provides ten seasons’ worth of scripts from…Tags: Friends, R
Making Learning to Code Friendlier with Art — An Interview with Dr. Allison Horst
Learning to code for the first time can be intimidating. One way to make it more approachable? Fun pictures of fuzzy monsters. The post Making Learning to Code Friendlier with Art — An Interview with Dr. Allison Horst appeared first on Dataquest.
Data Visualization in R with ggplot2: A Beginner Tutorial
A famous general is thought to have said, “A good sketch is better than a long speech.” That advice may have come from the battlefield, but it's applicable in lots of other areas — including data science. "Sketching" out our data by visualizing it using ggplot2 in R is more …
✚ How to Untangle a Spaghetti Line Chart (with R Examples)
Put multiple time series lines on the same plot, and you quickly end up with a mess. Here are practical ways to clean it up.Tags: R