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What is Data Science?
The demand for data scientists is increasing in the market and people are just flocking into the field.
The Realms of Data Science - Abhilash V
Abhilash V*G64Vg0aFCr41TqPL.jpg ( Oct 13, 2019...
The Impact of Python: How It Could Rule the AI World?
In this contributed article, writer, AI researcher, and business strategist Michael Lyman discusses the growth of use of the Python language and how it is playing a significant role in the rise of AI and deep learning. Python’s power and ease of use has catapulted it to become one of …
Housing Prices Prediction using Machine Learning
Project Overview Objectives What makes a house a good buy? Which particular aspects of your house or the house that you’re looking to buy can make it more or less expensive, given all other things stay intact? When is the best season to sell, or best season to buy? How …
Building Your First Model with Azure Machine Learning
The first course in the Mastering Azure Machine Learning series has launched. It focuses on building your first model with Azure Machine Learning. This is a great place to start … The post Building Your First Model with Azure Machine Learning appeared first on Data Science 101.
How to merge DataFrames in pandas (video)
Learn how to use the "merge" function in pandas so that you can combine multiple datasets into one DataFrame. Includes examples of the four types of joins.
Automating Everything With Python: Reading Time: 3 Mins
How Python is used to automate for work. With tons of areas like sales & marketing, system administration, software testing.
Scraping IMDB for Insights
Introduction A daunting task in today’s day and age is to discover what are some of the best movies that are currently out there? What are people saying about these movies and what is that makes these movies good? This is a common question I find that I’m always asking …
How I learned Python
This Article gives you how you can learn python to automate your daily activities
Evaluating Ray: Distributed Python for Massive Scalability
Dean Wampler provides a distilled overview of Ray, an open source system for scaling Python systems from single machines to large clusters. If you are interested in additional insights, register for the upcoming Ray Summit. Introduction This post is for people making technology decisions, by which I mean data science …
K-Nearest Neighbors explained
In this post, I explain the intuition and logic behind KNN algorithm and show simple implementation written in pure pandas which yield 98% accuracy on the IRIS dataset.
15 Python Libraries for Data Science You Should Know
There are quite a few great, free, open-source Python libraries for data science. In this post, we'll cover 15 of the most popular and what they can do. The post 15 Python Libraries for Data Science You Should Know appeared first on Dataquest.
Python for Beginners: Why Does Python Look the Way It Does?
When you're just getting started, looking at Python can be intimidating. Why the different colors? What are those line breaks for? Here are the answers you seek. The post Python for Beginners: Why Does Python Look the Way It Does? appeared first on Dataquest.
IEEE-CIS Fraud Detection - Detecting Fraud from Customer Transactions
Project Code | Linkedin | Github | Presentations | Email: Introduction In the middle of October last year, I went on a trip to Colombia for a week with my fiancée and decided to propose to her on the beach. While standing at the check-out counter with a long …
Analyzing NYC Hotels on TripAdvisor
Introduction New York City is often described as one of the center pieces of the world. The city attracts outsiders for its diverse culture and business opportunities. Hotel businesses thrive to meet this demand, however, competition is fierce. It is important to keep up with completing competition and reflection of …
Effect of College Selection on ROI
Description The current project applied web scraping techniques to investigate effect of degree type, college type, college major, and regionality, on early- and mid-career earnings and estimated 20 year return on investment of higher education Background College tuition is at an all-time high, and a barrier to entry for many …
Medicinal Herbs Analysis
We have been relying and using herbs to perpetuate healthy lifestyles and manage chronic illnesses for as long as we've been around. However, in the era of modern medicine we have ignored the beneficial effects of herbs in favor of well-packaged, cure-all pills with ingredients we don't understand and prices …
Protected: Web Scraping Without a Paddle
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