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Introducing AutoScraper: A Smart, Fast and Lightweight Web Scraper For Python
Scraping the web just got a lot more automated
Is R Required for Data Science? (my opinion)
There are three popular languages for data scientists: SQL, Python and R. I create a lot of tutorials about SQL and Python on my blog… But I never... The post Is R Required for Data Science? (my opinion) appeared first on Data36.
Data Engineering Series #1: 10 Key tech skills you need, to become a competent Data Engineer.
Bridging the gap between Application Developers and Data Scientists, the demand for Data Engineers ro...
Movie Recommender with TMDB
A classic problem people have is finding a good movie to watch without doing a lot of research. To overcome this problem, recommender systems based on Machine Learning or Deep Learning are used to find movies that users are most likely to enjoy. There are 2 main types of recommender …
Manhattan Food Trends
The restaurant industry is notoriously competitive, and New York City is surely one of the toughest places for this industry. As the effects of COVID-19 continue to batter all industries, restaurants are suffering immensely. The idea crossed my mind to try and take a snapshot of restaurants currently serving food …
Maximum Element In A Stack Hack
A Favorite From HackerRank You have an empty sequence, and you will be given N queries. Each query is one of these three types: Input Format The first line of input contains an integer, N. The next N lines each contain an above mentioned query. (It is guaranteed that each …
How to Become a Data Analyst
The demand for data professionals like Data Analysts is booming. This is a direct result of more and more organizations becoming data driven and leveraging data to streamline their operations, compete better, and improve customer experiences. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the thriving job market for data …
Squaring A Sorted Array In Python
Given a sorted list of integers, square the elements and give the output in sorted order. Let's take a look at a very straightforward solution first: While this solution is correct, it takes up additional space because the sorted function makes a copy of our original list. This could be …
Resources to learn Tableau, Power BI, Python etc
Scientific Computing in Python: Introduction to NumPy and Matplotlib
Since many students in my Stat 451 (Introduction to Machine Learning and Statistical Pattern Classification) class are relatively new to Python and NumPy, I was recently devoting a lecture to the latter. Since the course notes are based on an interactive Jupyter notebook file, which I used as a basis …
Machine Learning: Predicting House Prices in Ames, IA
Link to Github The objective of this third project was to build machine learning models to predict house prices as part of the Kaggle competition House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques. The dataset used in this competition was the Ames Housing dataset, which was compiled by Professor Dean De Cock of …
Is Python better than R for data science?
In this Article you are going to know Is Python better than R for data science.
Learn to Code Free — Our Interactive Courses Are ALL Free This Week!
Learn programming for data analysis from right in your browser while writing real code and working with real data. Free for a limited time! The post Learn to Code Free — Our Interactive Courses Are ALL Free This Week! appeared first on Dataquest.
Searching Greek and Hebrew with regular expressions
According to the Python Cookbook, “Mixing Unicode and regular expressions is often a good way to make your head explode.” It is thus with fear and trembling that I dip my toe into using Unicode with Greek and Hebrew. I heard recently that there are anomalies in the Hebrew Bible …
Descartes and Toolz
I was looking recently at the Python module toolz, a collection of convenience functions. A lot of these functions don’t do that much. They don’t save you much code, but they do make your code more readable by making it more declarative. You may not realize need them until you …
Bar chart using measures in Power BI
Create Bar chart using measures in Power BI
Readability Counts in Python Coding - Naming Conventions
Naming Conventions A couple of weeks ago, NYCDSA held a workshop led by Alex Baransky, which discussed the best practices in Python Coding readability. Python is an object-oriented programming language. This means that in any given Python project, you'll create and use all kinds of objects. Naming conventions are the …
Video Highlights: BigQuery + Notebooks: Building an Analytics Pipeline on Kaggle
Your architecture choices impact how efficiently you’re able to use your data. In this "Snapshots" video produced by Kaggle, Data Scientist Wendy Kan demonstrates how she incorporates BigQuery and Kaggle Notebooks into her workflow. Watch her create an interactive network analysis graph that explores the most commonly installed Python packages!