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Reducing Food Waste with Data-Driven Solutions
Food waste is a massive problem globally, with nearly one-third of all food produced for human consumption lost or wasted each year, according to the United Nations. This amounts to […] The post Reducing Food Waste with Data-Driven Solutions appeared first on Datafloq.
Managing Seasonal Fluctuations in Retail with Analytics
Data analytics technology has helped retail companies optimize their business models in a number of ways. One of the biggest benefits of data analytics is that it helps companies improve stability during times of uncertainty. There are inevitable ups and downs that every industry experiences, and recognizing these ebbs and …
The Future of Big Data: Trends and Predictions In 2023
Introduction Big data has revolutionized the way organizations operate, make decisions, and gain insights. As we look ahead to 2023, the future of big data holds immense potential and transformative […] The post The Future of Big Data: Trends and Predictions In 2023 appeared first on Datafloq.
How Predictive Analytics Can Turbocharge Your Startup’s Growth
Predictive analytics has transformative power! I can vouch for that because it empowered us to spot emerging SaaS market trends and customer demands and mitigate critical business risks. What's more? […] The post How Predictive Analytics Can Turbocharge Your Startup’s Growth appeared first on Datafloq.
Using Predictive Analytics to Get the Best Deals on Amazon
Predictive analytics technology has had a huge affect on our lives, even though we don’t usually think much about it. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that the market for predictive analytics tools will be worth an estimated $44 billion by 2030. There are many ways that predictive analytics …
How Predictive Maintenance Is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape
Equipment maintenance is a critical but often underserved need in manufacturing. Regular repairs prevent costly breakdowns, improve machine lifespans and protect workers, but conventional approaches often have inefficiencies of their […] The post How Predictive Maintenance Is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape appeared first on Datafloq.
What Does It Take to Build a Data Platform to Support Predictive Analytics?
In this contributed article, data engineer Koushik Nandiraju discusses how a predictive data and analytics platform aligned with business objectives is no longer an option but a necessity. While this requires complex data warehouses, architectures, and collection systems to ensure the mass amounts of customer and business data at the …
Reaching Buyers in an Anonymous Buying Journey
In this contributed article, Latané Conant, Chief Market Officer of 6sense, offers her perspective on how enterprise sales/marketing teams can still identify leads generate revenue, even with ever-changing privacy rules/regulations. This provides some good insights on how to overcome those challenges by using valuable data.
Predictive Analytics Helps New Dropshipping Businesses Thrive
Many different industries are growing due to the proliferation of big data. The dropshipping industry is among them. Paul Glen of IBM’s Business Analytics wrote an article titled “The Role of Predictive Analytics in the Dropshipping Industry.” Glen shares some very important insights on the benefits of utilizing predictive analytics …
Promising Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Asset Management
Artificial intelligence technology has massively disrupted the financial sector. Joe McKendrick posted an article in Forbes on the role that AI will play in the coming democratization of financial services. There are many other reasons AI and big data technology is changing finance. One of the biggest is that more …
Albanian Bitcoin Investors Tap the Power of Predictive Analytics
Business Partner Magazine recently published an article on the growing popularity of bitcoin trading in Albania. Many investors have started trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in recent years. Although bitcoin trading is still fairly new to the South European country, these traders have to compete against more experienced investors abroad. …
Predictive Analytics Improves Trading Decisions as Euro Rebounds
Modern investors have a difficult time retaining a competitive edge without having the latest technology at their fingertips. Predictive analytics technology has become essential for traders looking to find the best investing opportunities. Predictive analytics tools can be particularly valuable during periods of economic uncertainty. Traders can have even more …
Can Predictive Analytics Help Traders Navigate Bitcoin’s Volatility?
Bitcoin has experienced tremendous price volatility in recent months. Traders are struggling to make sense of these patterns. Fortunately, new predictive analytics algorithms can make this easier. The financial industry is becoming more dependent on machine learning technology with each passing day. Last summer, a report by Deloitte showed that …
Perks of Predictive Analytics for Businesses Big and Small
Technology has a funny way of being exciting and a little confusing. As a business owner, you’ve heard about predictive analytics, and you know some people are excited about it, but you’re still not sure how it’s supposed to help. The following are some major benefits of predictive analytics for …
How can CIOs Build Business Value with Business Analytics?
Analytics is becoming more important than ever in the world of business. Over 70% of global businesses use some form of analytics. This figure will rise as globalization, supply chain challenges and other factors increase competitiveness. This is an important year for enterprises keeping in view that most global industries …
AI drives the Industry 4.0 transformation
Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 enables companies to manufacture, enhance and distribute their products in revolutionized new ways. Welcome to the era of so-called dark factories! Manufacturers are integrating new technologies into their manufacturing facilities and operations, including artificial intelligence and its subdomain machine learning, as well as the Internet
How Data Analytics Can Change the Way In-House Legal Departments Do Business
Legal analytics is an evolving discipline that is changing the future of the legal profession. Law firms are expected to spend over $9 billion on legal analytics technology by 2028. But what is legal analytics? How will it change the legal profession? Last year, we published an article on the …
eBook: 101 Ways to Use Third-Party Data to Make Smarter Decisions
To guide you in becoming a data-driven organization, AWS Data Exchange has created a new eBook, 101 Ways to Use Third-Party Data to Make Smarter Decisions. This innovative resource is designed as a broad compilation of use cases submitted by AWS Marketplace data providers.