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Rethinking Messaging for the Era of Microservices and Cloud
In this special guest feature Matteo Merli, Streamlio co-founder, discusses what’s needed from a modern solution for connecting data in the era of cloud and microservices - the same thing that’s always been demanded of messaging: ensuring performance, scalability, resiliency, elasticity and flexibility to support how data is processed and …
Google’s New Big Data View of Ethereum: What to Know
In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews discusses how Google wants to make all blockchain data associated with Ethereum easily accessible for people to study. It's doing that by making all Ethereum data sets available through BigQuery, Google's enterprise-level and highly scalable data warehouse geared towards data …
Ethics and the Pursuit of AI
In this contributed article, marketing specialist Sophie Ross discusses the center-stage question: What are the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and its applications? She suggests that there has to be a balanced approach to any technology. Humans should have ultimate control over the use, misuse and abuse of the technology …
Neural Attention Please, or How Attention Models Can Work for You
In this contributed article, Mikhail Konstantinov, a Data Scientist at ELEKS, discussed the real and potential business uses of the neural attention – a mechanism that enabled machine learning algorithms to select and work with certain pieces of data at a certain moment.
Automation Promises to Pull Big Data Out of Its “Dial-Up” Phase
In this special guest feature Ramesh Menon, Head of Products at Infoworks, discusses how big data is in a predicament, with great promise, and with plenty of innovation at work. But much of it is behind the scenes, and much of that is still surprisingly limited. In a way, big …
Fundamentals in the Oil Field Matter Even More with Big Data
In this contributed article, Shiva Rajagopalan, President and CEO of Seven Lakes Technologies, discusses how big data is being used and what the opportunities are in the billion dollar oil & gas industry. The objective for success is straightforward for the oil and gas operations: bring the usefulness of data …
Making Data More Affordable for AI Projects
In this special guest feature Xin Song, Co-founder and CEO of Bottos, points out that if AI is the engine that drives innovation in the next few years, then data is the fuel that powers AI. Unfortunately, both the cost and availability of data is a hurdle that many small …
How the Cloud is Changing Cybersecurity
In this contributed article, Amanda Peterson, co-founder of Enlightened Digital, points out that with the use of cloud-based security, the amount of time needed to implement security patches can be reduced to nearly nothing. Onsite data centers require tech-savvy manpower to oversee them 24/7, but the cloud operates autonomously, using …
Data Democratization: A New Roadmap for Business in the 21st Century
In this special guest feature, Christian Anschuetz, Chief Digital Officer at UL, discusses his belief that data will “democratize” business decisions, leading to better decision-making, new business models and a vastly different business landscape.
Hadoop-as-a-Service: The Need Of The Hour For Superior Business Solutions
In this contributed article, content writer Swamini Kulkarni discusses how the launch of new platforms based on HaaS solutions demonstrate that Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a promising solution for building and managing the big data cluster, which will compel organizations to consider Hadoop as a potential solution for big data challenges.
Interview: Prasad Akella, Founder and CEO of Drishti
I recently caught up with Prasad Akella, Founder and CEO of Drishti to discuss how factory use of AI technology is gaining a lot of traction, and how his company uses the commercial application of action recognition and AI innovations to automatically digitize human actions inside the factory.
The Use of NLP to Extract Unstructured Medical Data From Text
In this contributed article, Luke Potgieter, tech advisor for John Snow Labs, discusses the important of NLP for the healthcare industry, and offers two common AI-in-healthcare use cases. NLP is a very useful and important tool for use in AI in dealing with unstructured data.
Demand Forecasting Mistakes in the Retail Industry
In this special guest feature, Aaron Hoffer, Lead Data Scientist for Alloy, discusses common problems he has seen in forecasting processes, and the importance of focusing on “true demand.”
Data and Linguistics: Deep Learning In the Digital Age
In this contributed article, Mary Kutton, freelance writer, e-learning consultant and experienced content distributor, discusses how the sweeping impact of significant data impact on linguistics is readily observable and being implemented in many areas of both digital and traditional communication. The potential result of current and future advances in linguistic …
Communication Tips to Alleviate Cognitive Burden
In this special guest feature, Scott Parker, Director of Product Marketing at Sinequa, discusses the evolution of data search and analytics techniques and how modern technologies are helping employees find the right data faster and spend less time searching through irrelevant content. He also discusses how information-driven organizations are harnessing …
AI Is Taking Over Lead Generation in the Nearest Future
In this contributed article, marketing enthusiast and a blogger Warren Fowler, provides 10 ways AI is drastically improving modern businesses. Top-performing companies are twice as likely to use the AI technology for marketing as their industry counterparts.
Interview: Dan Zitting, Chief Product Officer, ACL
I recently spoke with Dan Zitting, Chief Product Officer at ACL about how companies can get in front of risk and increase the value of their data with the use of analytics, robotics and machine learning. He stressed that companies need to integrate data analytics and automation throughout the entire …
Data Scientists Will Change the World — Be One of Them
In this contributed article, Mamtha Parakh, Head of Data Science at Quartet Health, discusses what it means to be a mission-driven technologist, and how can we define and bring this culture to our own tech companies through four different approaches.