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Lowering the Barrier to Entry for Cloud Computing is the Key to Scientific Discovery
In this special guest feature, Ivan Ravlich, Co-Founder and CEO of Hypernet Labs, points out how the cloud industry needs to offer more accessible options to scientists and researchers who need to process large amounts of data. Containerizing scientific applications is a major step forward.
AI Risks Losing Trust If It Does Not Offer Explanations
In this special guest feature, Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Product Manager for AI and ML at Zoho Labs, discusses best practices for developing explainable AI and common pitfalls teams make when building AI tools. With investments in AI technology continuing to grow at a considerable pace, there is a gradual transition in …
Podcast Highlights: Data Skeptic
Today’s feature podcast series comes from Data Skeptic which brings you weekly stories on how to understand more about our data-driven world as well as outlooks on topics such as statistics, machine learning, big data, AI and data science.
How AI Unlocks Brand Value in Unstructured Data
n this special guest feature, Ido Ramati, Founder, COO & President at Revuze, discusses how unstructured data is being wasted by companies the world over. It is estimated 90 percent of an enterprise’s data is unstructured, living in emails, online reviews, or other untouched and ultimately useless formats. This data …
Why Big Data Is the Key to Building a Strong Brand Identity
In this contributed article, tech blogger Caleb Danziger discusses how your brand identity could be the key to success or failure, especially in a crowded marketplace. Fortunately, big data can help you create a strong brand identity from scratch or identify existing weak points.
My Life Practicing “Nomadic Data Science”
I am a data scientist, and I am a nomad, therefore I practice "nomadic data science." As a data scientist, I do consulting, but I'm also a tech journalist and educator. As a nomad, I don't have a traditional office so I do my data science at coffeehouses, restaurants, colleges …
How Compliance Officers Can Get Some Much-Needed Rest
In this special guest feature, Peter Duthie, Co-CEO and Chief Architect for Ground Labs, discusses how to address data security at the c-suite level and why data discovery initiatives are the best way to combat security challenges and remain compliant.
Why Truly Smart Future Tech Needs Radically New AI Chips
In this contributed article, Orr Danon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hailo, believes that to fuel drones and autonomous vehicles reliant on high-performance cameras, being paired with an AI chip capable of processing and performing image classification tasks with near-zero latency in real time is critical.
What is the Difference Between Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Analytics
In this contributed article, Christopher Rafter, President and COO at Inzata,, writes that in the age of Big Data, you'll hear a lot of terms tossed around. Three of the most commonly used are "business intelligence," "data warehousing" and "data analytics." You may wonder, however, what distinguishes these three concepts …
Four Ways AI Can Positively Impact Pharmaceutical Development
In this special guest feature, Updesh Dosanjh, Practice Leader, Technology Solutions for IQVIA, discusses how AI is making its way into pharmacovigilance (the detection, collection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products) platforms and improving efficiencies for pharma companies, in light of the continued growth and proliferation …
The Impact of Python: How It Could Rule the AI World?
In this contributed article, writer, AI researcher, and business strategist Michael Lyman discusses the growth of use of the Python language and how it is playing a significant role in the rise of AI and deep learning. Python’s power and ease of use has catapulted it to become one of …
Machine Learning is Your Secret Weapon for Customer Acquisition
In this contributed article, Swiftpage ACT! LLC CTO Chad Ruff discusses how machine learning and AI can help companies grow and improve customer acquisition and retention. Machine learning is the AI focal point for your customer relationship management (CRM) tool and can be the key to boosting your customer acquisition.
Why Data Pipelines Desperately Need Orchestration
In this special guest feature, Sean Knapp, Founder and CEO of Ascend, discusses how automation can greatly reduce a data engineering team’s time spent in orchestration through the enablement of data-centric pipelines.
Interview: Felix Dorrek, Ph.D.
I recently caught up with Felix Dorrek to discuss his research in the area of deep generative networks. The interview touches on the technology's power, practical applications, importance to business in 2020, as well as generating synthetic data. Felix holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Vienna Technical University where …
What You Should Know About Big Data and Energy Consumption in 2020
In this contributed article, front end developer Gary Stevens suggests that the future of big data in the energy industry is bright. Reducing energy consumption is a win-win situation for both companies and consumers, lowering costs as well as limiting environmental impact.
Safe and Sound – Your Enterprise Data in the Cloud
In this special guest feature, Chris Lawless, Senior Vice President of US Operations for HVR Software, believes that businesses are realizing that the cloud is an optimal solution to many of their data woes. Cloud-based technologies are scalable, affordable ... but a lingering question to many, still, is whether their …
Why Companies Should Be Proactive about S/4HANA Migration
In this contributed article, Derek Oats, CEO and President of SNP. discusses why enterprises need to start thinking about SAP S/4 HANA migration strategy and the steps necessary to prepare. As enterprises evaluate the various migration options and strategies, it’s important to remember that complex migrations can take time, from …
The Pros and Cons of Google’s New AI Transparency Tools
In this special guest feature, Jay Budzik, CTO at ZestFinance, discusses the set of developer tools that Google launched that allow data scientists to create explainable ML models, and also the reality of these new tools and how they are likely to impact the financial services market. Google is taking …