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4 Digital Experience Strategies You Need to Consider
In this special guest feature, Garrett Schwegler, Program Manager for Digital Commerce at Lucidworks, offers four strategies you should consider to help you focus and improve the digital experience for your users. More is better—more data, more insights, more happy customers and employees. More can also feel like 'too much' …
Geospatial Tech: A Silver Lining in the Pandemic
In this contributed article, Ajay K. Gupta, CISSP, MBA, CEO at, discusses how geospatial data is now at the core of how most states in the US are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that GIS is demonstrating its incredible power during COVID. Integrating geospatial data …
Why Autonomous AI is (finally) Disrupting Corporate Finance for Good
In this special guest feature, Kunal Verma, CTO and Co-Founder of AppZen, discusses how technology like RPA and AI are having their breakout moments as company leaders realize they are no longer nice to have, but a business-critical tool to stay ahead of the competition.
Video Highlights: A Path Into Data Science
Are you interested in getting ahead in data science? On this TalkPython podcast episode, you'll meet Sanyam Bhutani who studied computer science but found his education didn't prepare him for getting a data science-focused job. That's where he started his own path of self-education and advancement. Now he's working at …
High Tech Pivoting
In this contributed article, Verl McQueen, Product Marketing Manager for Aras Corporation, discusses how agility counts in innovation and even more so when pivoting to new business models. But if your existing tool set resists or cannot change, pivoting can be slow and painful. Some vendors encourage customization of their …
What Data Governance Means to Cloud Computing (And Vice Versa)
In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper points out that the symbiosis between data governance and cloud computing is apparent to any organization with significant cloud investments. The cloud has a plethora of resources that enhance data governance, which is critical for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and long term …
Want AI to Power your CRM? Then it’s Time to Clean Up your Data
In this special guest feature, Jody Glidden, CEO and Co-Founder of Introhive, discusses the impact of dirty CRM data. Cleaning the data can increase employee productivity and provide the relationship intelligence that will bring companies one step closer to properly implementing AI within their CRM.
The Need for Brands to Invest in Data Analytics
In this special guest feature, Thalya Hamilton, VP of Analytics & Data Science, Quotient, discusses how brands will need to strike the right balance by bringing data and analytics in-house—staffing the right talent and empowering them to lead the way forward—while also finding third-party experts to partner with to strengthen …
How Predictive AI will Change Cybersecurity in 2021
In this contributed article, Dr. Igor Mezic, CTO of MixMod AI explains how you can identify and stop zero-day attacks like the SolarWinds attack with the invention of this Unsupervised, Predictive AI, which uses a baseline to understand what should be occurring on the network at all times in order …
Deep Learning Offers the Potential to Improve the Video Streaming Experience
In this contributed article, Christian Timmerer, Co-founder of Bitmovin, describes the findings of a recent paper that Timmerer and his team presented at IEEE’s International Conference on Communications and Image Processing which explores the use of Convoluted Neural Networks (CNNs) to improve video streaming.
How a New AI Mindset for AutoML Will Make Deep Learning More Accessible
In this special guest feature, Yonatan Geifman, CEO & co-founder of Deci, discusses how automated machine learning (or AutoML) can “democratize data science” by gradually implementing different levels of automation.
How AI/ML Can Improve Manufacturing Operations
In this special guest feature, Stuart Gillen, Senior Manager at Kalypso, offers a few ways manufacturing organizations can leverage predictive maintenance to identify potential issues, reduce the occurrence and length of unplanned downtime, and get the most value from assets and budgets.
Why Your AIOps Deployments Could Fail
In this contributed article, Gab Menachem, Senior Director, Product Management, ITOM at ServiceNow, outlines why many organizations are still struggling to deliver effective AI/AIOps strategies in the COVID-19 era and share steps they can take to maximize the potential of these solutions.
The Rise and Fall of the Traditional Data Enterprise
In this contributed article, David Richards, Co-founder of WANdisco, believe we are seeing the clear signs of the death of the data enterprise as we have known it. When we look back at the death knells for Dell, EMC, HP, Cisco and IBM – it is hard not to read …
Incident prevention with Big Data in Manufacturing
In this special guest feature, Edwin Elmendorp, Information Architect, Kinsmen Group, points out that many opportunities exist for using BIG data technologies in manufacturing, while some are still in a research phase, others are usable products that offer cost beneficial approached available for small and large organizations by using modern …
How Can AI Enhance Human-to-Human Communication and Improve Customer Service?
In this special guest feature, Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic, discusses how AI can help service agents detect customer signals – picking up on how a customer is feeling and also understanding context, then dynamically flagging or escalating a case before an annoyance turns into a major …
DALL-E – A Human-like Intelligence through Multimodality
In this special guest feature, Sahar Mor, founder of AirPaper, discusses DALL-E - a new powerful API from OpenAI that creates images from text captions. With this, Sahar is planning to build a few products such as a chart generator based on text and a text-based tool to generate illustrations …
The Amazing Applications of Graph Neural Networks
In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper points out that a generous portion of enterprise data is Euclidian and readily vectorized. However, there’s a wealth of non-Euclidian, multidimensionality data serving as the catalyst for astounding machine learning use cases.