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How AI and Machine Learning Will Shape Software Testing
In this special guest feature, Erik Fogg, Chief Operating Officer at ProdPerfect, covers some of the main benefits of adding AI to the software testing process, and why you should consider adding it to yours if you haven’t already. ProdPerfect is an autonomous E2E regression testing solution which leverages data …
How Enterprises Can Extract Meaningful Insights from Unstructured Data
In this special guest feature, Eran Shlomo, Co-Founder and CEO of Dataloop, asks why unstructured data is so critical to building better AI – and how can organizations optimize their management of this data? Here is how combining the best of human intelligence and cutting-edge technology can help enterprises clear …
Genesis of a Model Intelligence Platform – Truera
In this start-up highlight piece, we discuss how a CMU professor and his former grad student are ushering in a new era of responsible AI, and helping companies address bias in their AI models. This is a short story of the genesis of Truera.
Best Practices for Data Search, Aggregation and Security in a Global Pandemic
In this special guest feature, Kelly Griswold, Chief Operating Officer at Onna, take a look at what would happen if we were able to access data and use it to create meaningful conclusions about teams and other workflows throughout the organization.
NoSQL vs SQL: Key Differences
In this contributed article, Alex Williams, Writer/Researcher at Hosting Data UK, indicates that NoSQL and SQL databases greatly differ on many points. One is not better than the other, but just like any technology, eventually, developers will have their preferences. Luckily, there are numerous options for database selection for both …
5 Tips for Making Data Work for Your Business
In this contributed article, Scott Ziemke, Director of Data Science, Vertafore, discusses how in order to overcome barriers to data & analytics success, companies must implement clear and relevant strategies that focus on real business cases. Too often data scientists get excited about data and its nuances, but the organization …
2021 Trends in Blockchain: Mainstream Adoption at Last
In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper believes that mainstream adoption of blockchain is surely coming, both at the consumer and enterprise levels. In all likelihood, momentum in one of these domains will spur that in the other. At this point, cryptocurrencies are still the forerunners of this technology, …
Using AI for Contract Management
In this special guest feature, Sunu Engineer, Principal Architect at Icertis, discusses using AI for Contract Lifecycle Management. Done right, AI for contract management has the potential to empower organizations to stay out front by turning repositories of contracts into indispensable strategic advantages.
When Big Data Collides with Intellectual Property Law
In this contributed article, technologist Bernard Brode discusses how the realm of intellectual property - and the myriad twists and turns inherent - is being subjected to the latest waves of cutting-edge analytic tools which fall within the sphere of big data.
How AI Will Shape the Future of Customer Communications
In this contributed article, Eric Schurke, VP of Operations at Ninja Number, discusses how AI solutions are changing the way businesses communicate in 2021 and beyond. To succeed you should focus on three different aspects: incorporating customer feedback, over-communicating wherever you can, and building a culture of customer success.
Driving with Data: How AI is Personalizing the Auto Insurance Industry and Saving Lives
In this special guest feature, Gilad Avrashi, CTO & Co-Founder at MDgo, believes that now is the time for the insurance industry to leverage AI technology to unlock the power of data and provide personalized services that customers demand to retain them as loyal customers.
Interview: Kathy Baxter, Architect of Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce
I recently caught up with Kathy Baxter, one of the elite AI ethicists in the world and Salesforce's Principal Architect of Ethical AI, to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of ethical data collection. Kathy comments on the current issues and challenges that enterprises are facing when it …
We All Know about AI in Medicine By Now. Here’s Why It Really Matters.
In this special guest feature, Eran Atlas, Co-Founder & CEO of DreaMed Diabetes, discusses how the rapid incorporation of artificial intelligence in medicine is no longer a novel trend, with more fields than ever developing improved solutions and protocols. Yet the intricacies of AI have often made it a difficult …
Why 2021 is The Year of Low-Code
Forrester analysts estimate 75% of all enterprise software will be built with low-code technology this year. As the pandemic’s impact continues well into 2021, IT leaders will continue to rely on rapid, agile low-code software development platforms to roll out business critical solutions and expand digital channels. Platforms that integrate …
Kyligence CEO Identifies Top Big Data, Cloud, and Data Analytics Predictions for 2021
Kyligence, originator of Apache Kylin and developer of the AI-augmented analytics platform Kyligence Cloud, provides its cloud data analytics predictions for 2021, focusing on the rapid growth rate of cloud-native data warehouse and data storage services that will enable the massive acceleration of analytics adoption.
2020’s Biggest Stories in AI
In this contributed article, several data scientists from Vectra AI discuss 2020’s Biggest Stories in AI. 2020 provided a glimpse of just how much AI is beginning to penetrate everyday life. It seems likely that in the next few years we’ll regularly (and unknowingly) see AI-generated text in our social …
3 NLP Trends Prime for Improvement in the New Year
In this special guest feature, David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs, discusses how the new year is expected to be another pivotal one for NLP growth, and there are several trends driving this. Significant improvements made in three specific areas will affect NLP adoption over the next year - read …
Cloud Optimization 2.0: Beyond Better Performance
In this contributed article, Ross Schibler, Co-founder and CEO of Opsani, introducs the concept of Optimization 2.0. Companies understand the importance of optimizing to increase efficiency/performance and decrease costs--but humans can only do so much. Optimization 2.0 requires humans to put some trust in machines, to work with ML and …