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The Power of Startups in Turning Big Data into Big Impact
In this contributed article, Ben Younkman, Regional Director at Village Capital, explores how forward-thinking startups are spearheading data-driven innovation to create digital solutions that increase access to critical services — including the financial, educational and healthcare sectors — resulting in a more equitable and inclusive world.
Tips for Responsible Use of Generative AI in Enterprise
In this contributed article, Thor Philogéne, CEO and Founder of Stravito, discusses how the effective integration of generative AI in enterprise requires the identification of clear goals and pain points; reliable data and a human-centric design.
What is a RAG?
In this contributed article, Magnus Revang, Chief Product Officer of, points out that In the Large Language Model space, one acronym is frequently put forward as the solution to all the weaknesses. Hallucinations? RAG. Privacy? RAG. Confidentiality? RAG. Unfortunately, when asked to define RAG, the definitions are all over …
Rethinking How Data is Stored and Processed Brings Scale and Speed to Modern Data-Intensive Applications
In this contributed article, Prasad Venkatachar, Sr Director – Products & Solutions at Pliops, discusses how modern data-intensive applications that include E-commerce, Social Networking, Messaging, and online gaming services heavily depend on Key-Value stores. All these business-critical applications demand state-of-the-art data storage and processing infrastructure to serve the data at …
Four Ways SMBs Can Harness the Power of Data, Without a Data Scientist
In this contributed article, Robyn Meyer, Vice President, Solutions at Transportation Insight, delves into the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in leveraging data effectively and offers practical strategies to overcome these hurdles.
Finding a Purple Swan with Predictive Analytics
In this contributed article, Vijay Veerra, Principal Consultant of Business Solutions and Research with Altimetrik, discusses the power of predictive analytics in identifying "purple swans" and their potential impact on businesses. Purple swan refers to a rare yet foreseeable event that offers unparalleled rewards. This article explores how companies can …
Emerging Tools and Frameworks in AI: A Comparative Analysis
In this contributed article, graphic designer and content writer, Erika Ballo delves into some emerging tools and frameworks in AI, comparing their strengths, usability, and ideal use cases.
GenAI’s Role in Testing
In this contributed article, David Brooks, VP of products at Copado, discusses how much has been said about AI’s ability to generate code. But what is often overlooked is its ability to generate test scripts as well. Test scripts are susceptible to hallucinations just like code. So while GenAI can …
The Future of AI Startups: Explainability Is Your Competitive Edge
In this contributed article, Lucas Bonatto, Director of Engineering for AI and ML at Semantix, discusses how generative AI applications extend from physiotherapists using text-to-video tools demonstrating patient recovery exercises to coding Q&As that decrease network language complexity. These pre-trained ML solutions, which previously required highly skilled teams to train, …
Starting Your Advanced Analytics Journey: Three Areas to Focus On
In this contributed article, Amish Amin, executive director, security and analytics, Comcast, discusses the importance of advanced analytics when it comes to cutting through the massive amounts of data within a single organization. In large organizations today, the amount of data that needs to be sifted through continues to grow …
AI Won’t Eliminate Programming, But Can Make It Better
In this contributed article, Mike Loukides, Vice President of Emerging Tech Content at O’Reilly Media, makes the argument that the number of programmers who will be “replaced by AI” will be small and explains how the use of AI will change the discipline for the better.
IBM’s Groundbreaking Analog AI Chip: Ushers New Era  of Efficiency and Accuracy
In this contributed article blogger Justin Varghise discusses the ground breaking advancement for AI that IBM has unveiled - a cutting edge analog AI chip that promises and has potential to redefine the landscape of deep neural networks (DNNs). This chip is 100 times more energy-efficient and up to 10 …
The Government Needs Fast Data: Why is the Federal Reserve Making World-altering Decisions on Stale Data?
In this contributed article, Alex Izydorczyk, founder and CEO of Cybersyn, discusses how the Federal Reserve ultimately decided to keep its key interest rate at about 5% after ten consecutive meetings during which it was hiked. This brings about an important question: Should there ever be “very big surprises” (or …
Understanding the Power of Feedback Analytics
In this contributed article, Ryan Stuart is the co-founder and CEO of Kapiche, discusses feedback analytics and how it is a means to unlock deeper customer insights, with five concrete examples of how to use feedback analytics to drive innovation and growth.
Heard on the Street – 11/2/2023
Welcome to insideBIGDATA’s “Heard on the Street” round-up column! In this regular feature, we highlight thought-leadership commentaries from members of the big data ecosystem. Each edition covers the trends of the day with compelling perspectives that can provide important insights to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Who Done It? 3 Possible Suspects in this Halloween’s Bad Data Horror Movie, And How Data Teams Can Make It Out Alive
In this contributed article, Lior Gavish, CTO and Co-Founder of Monte Carlo, outlines some of the ways companies can erase themselves from ever appearing in these bad data horror stories, ranging from simple tips to bolster governance within their organization, to tools and best practices that will save data teams …
Borderless Data – Acting Locally, Thinking Globally
In this contributed article, Alasdair Anderson, VP EMEA, Protegrity, discusses the challenges facing data and technology leaders and role automation plays in ensuring compliance. Giving organizations the speed and adaptability so vital in today’s digital economy.
What Impact Will Ethical AI Have on the Future of Data Science?
In this contributed article, April Miller, senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, believes that as people continue exploring ways to use AI in modern society, there’s an increasing concern about ensuring all the current, potential and future applications operate ethically. Many professionals have devoted themselves to furthering ethical …