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Brandon Rohrer – How Deep Neural Networks Work
Brandon Rohrer is an expert in neural networks and deep learning. Plus, he makes really excellent videos about the topic. His entire YouTube Channel is worth viewing. The post Brandon Rohrer – How Deep Neural Networks Work appeared first on Data Science 101.
Hitting the Gym With Neural Networks: Implementing a CNN to Classify Gym Equipment
Will a network trained with fake data be able to generalize to the real world?Lauren Holzbauer was an Insight Fellow in Summer 2018.Today, I don’t think twice about walking into any gym, assessing the equipment, and throwing a really good workout together, but it hasn’t always been that way. The …
Convolutional Neural Networks Explained…with American Ninja Warrior
Let’s use our ninja skills to figure out what CNNs are really doing.Lauren Holzbauer was an Insight Fellow in Summer 2018.By this time, many people know that the convolutional neural network (CNN) is a go-to tool for computer vision. But why exactly are CNNs so well-suited for computer vision tasks, …
A Quick Introduction to Vanilla Neural Networks
Get the theory behind neural networks straight once and for all!A 2-layer “vanilla” Neural Network.Lauren Holzbauer was an Insight Fellow in Summer 2018.In my last post, we went back to the year 1943, tracking neural network research from the McCulloch & Pitts paper, “A Logical Calculus of Ideas Immanent in …
Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6
Wow, the last two weeks were taken over by the flurry of announcements from Amazon. Even though Amazon is taking a break from announcements (probably focusing on Christmas shoppers), there are still some updates in the cloud data science world. Here they are. News Google AutoML for Natural Language goes …
A Quick History of Neural Nets: From Inglorious to Incredible
Following neural net research from the 1940s to present day.Lauren Holzbauer was an Insight Fellow in Summer 2018.“Although neural nets do solve a few toy problems, their powers of computation are so limited that I am surprised anyone takes them seriously as a general problem-solving tool.” — A.K. Dewdney, 1997Flash …
Machine Learning Beyond Predefined Recipes
The next evolution in human intelligence is automating the creation of machine learning models to not follow predefined formulas, but rather adapt and evolve according to the problem’s data. While machine learning has enabled massive advancements across industries, it requires significant development and maintenance efforts from data science teams. Enter …
No one knows where America’s helipads are, except this neural network
Helipads should be easy to find. They’re designed to be highly visible from the the air, are growing increasingly valuable to the next…Continue reading on Insight Fellows Program »
An Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks
In this contributed article, Agile SEO technical writer and editor Limor Wainstein outlines how deep learning, neural networks, and machine learning are not interchangeable terms. This article helps to clarify the definitions for you with an introduction to deep learning and neural networks.