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Election modeling explained
In election reporting, there’s a gap between real-time results and final results, so…Tags: election, modeling, Washington Post
Agent-based modeling in JavaScript
Atomic Agents is a JavaScript library by Graham McNeill that can help simulate…Tags: agent, Graham McNeill, JavaScript, modeling
Mental math trick and deeper issues
I’d like to do two things in this post. I’ll present a fun bit of mental math, then use it to illustrate a few deeper points. The story starts with a Twitter thread I wrote on @AlgebraFact. The Strait of Gibraltar is 13 km wide. How wide is that in …
Selecting the Right AI Business Model for Your Startup
Artificial intelligence is radically changing the future of many businesses. They are using machine learning to solve a number of complex problems. However, it is important to make sure that you understand the potential role of AI and what business model to build around it. The market for AI is …
Teaching statistical models with wine tasting
For The Pudding, Lars Verspohl provides an introduction to statistical models disguised as…Tags: modeling, Pudding, wine
How experts use disease modeling to help inform policymakers
Harry Stevens and John Muyskens for The Washington Post put you in the…Tags: coronavirus, epidemiology, modeling, uncertainty, Washington Post
Comparing Covid-19 models
FiveThirtyEight compared six Covid-19 models for a sense of where we might be…Tags: coronavirus, FiveThirtyEight, modeling
Challenges of making a reliable Covid-19 model
Fatalities from Covid-19 range from the hundreds of thousands to the millions. Nobody…Tags: coronavirus, FiveThirtyEight, modeling
Top 10 Powerful Data Modeling Tools For 2020
Data science in 2020 allows business owners to process massive amounts of information and obtain the valuable nuggets that once took days to compute. With data modeling, you can take a complex software process and create a diagram that is much easier to understand. If your business deals with big …
Learn Why Doctors Look To Data To Increase Patient Engagement
For many reasons, several of which we’ll discuss here, a patient’s full understanding of, and engagement with, their health care experiences are vital for a positive outcome. And today, we have more options than ever for achieving higher levels of interest, patient engagement, and “buy-in” from health care customers. These …
Continuous Bayes’ Theorem
Bayes’ Rule is one of the fundamental Theorems of statistics, but up until recently, I have to admit, I was never very impressed with it. Bayes’ gives you a way of determining the probability that a given event will occur, or … Continue reading →