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What is Data Science?
The demand for data scientists is increasing in the market and people are just flocking into the field.
Data Exfiltration Protection with Azure Databricks
In the previous blog, we discussed how to securely access Azure Data Services from Azure Databricks using Virtual Network Service Endpoints or Private Link. Given a baseline of those best practices, in this article we walkthrough detailed steps on how to harden your Azure Databricks deployment from a network security …
New Methods for Improving Supply Chain Demand Forecasting
Organizations Are Rapidly Embracing Fine-Grained Demand Forecasting Retailers and Consumer Goods manufacturers are increasingly seeking improvements to their supply chain management in order to reduce costs, free up working capital and create a foundation for omnichannel innovation. Changes in consumer purchasing behavior are placing new strains on the supply chain. …
The Growing Importance Of Machine Learning With Dedicated Servers
Machine learning is changing the web hosting industry in countless ways. Many third-party hosting providers, such as Amazon Web Services have started utilizing machine learning in different capacities. Amazon Sagemaker is among the machine learning tools that have transformed the services that the platform offers to customers. Matthew Fryer, the …
insideBIGDATA Latest News – 3/25/2020
In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from …
How ensembles can reduce machine learning’s carbon footprint
Commercial and industrial applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning are unlocking economic opportunities, transforming the way we do business, and even helping to solve complex social and environmental problems. In fact, generative applications of this technology have become tools for environmental sustainability. With machine learning’s capability to analyze and …
Data Science Papers for Spring 2020
The world of data science is rapidly evolving. Here are a few data science papers I have found interesting. What’s Wrong with Computational Notebooks? Pain Points, Needs, and Design OpportunitiesThis … The post Data Science Papers for Spring 2020 appeared first on Data Science 101.
Spark + AI Summit’s Expanded Agenda Announced
Over the years, technical conferences tend to expand beyond their initial focus, adding new technologies, types of attendees, and a broader range of sessions and speakers. From its original focus on Apache Spark™, the Spark + AI Summit has extended its scope to include not only data engineering and infrastructure, …
“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 3/23/2020
Above the Trend Line: your industry rumor central is a recurring feature of insideBIGDATA. In this column, we present a variety of short time-critical news items grouped by category such as M&A activity, people movements, funding news, financial results, industry alignments, customer wins, rumors and general scuttlebutt floating around the …
Hilary Mason – The Future of AI and Machine Learning
Hilary Mason is the Founder of Fast Forward Labs. She has been involved in the data science space for over a decade. She is a real thought leader in the … The post Hilary Mason – The Future of AI and Machine Learning appeared first on Data Science 101.
Podcast Highlights: Data Skeptic
Today’s feature podcast series comes from Data Skeptic which brings you weekly stories on how to understand more about our data-driven world as well as outlooks on topics such as statistics, machine learning, big data, AI and data science.
An Intuitive Introduction to Reinforcement learning
Reinforcement learning (RL) is a trial and error form of learning in which an agent acting in a given environment learns to take optimal actions at every state it encounters in such an environment with the ultimate goal to increase/maximize a numerical reward function.
AI for 3D Generative Design
Making the design process faster and more efficient by generating 3D objects from natural language descriptions. See the live demo here: datanexus.xyzStandard design processThe same fundamental process is used to design every modern physical object from tables to spacecraft. How can we use AI to transform this tedious technical exercise …
AI Under the Hood: Kaskada, Inc.
In this installment of "AI Under the Hood" I introduce Kasakda, Inc., a Seattle-based early stage company founded in January 2018. Kaskada is a machine learning platform for feature engineering using event-based data. Kaskada’s platform allows data scientists to unify the feature engineering process across their organizations with a single …
NVIDIA’s New Data Science Workstation— a Review and Benchmark
This new whitepaper from NVIDIA Partner firm PNY Technologies, tests and reviews the recently released Data Science Workstation, a PC that puts together all the Data Science hardware and software into one nice package. The workstation is a total powerhouse machine, packed with all the computing power—and software—that’s great for …
Why Truly Smart Future Tech Needs Radically New AI Chips
In this contributed article, Orr Danon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hailo, believes that to fuel drones and autonomous vehicles reliant on high-performance cameras, being paired with an AI chip capable of processing and performing image classification tasks with near-zero latency in real time is critical.
Google Video – Rules of Machine Learning
To be great with machine learning, it helps to be a great engineer. That means doing the following: write simple code make it readable comment it fix the ever present … The post Google Video – Rules of Machine Learning appeared first on Data Science 101.
Four Ways AI Can Positively Impact Pharmaceutical Development
In this special guest feature, Updesh Dosanjh, Practice Leader, Technology Solutions for IQVIA, discusses how AI is making its way into pharmacovigilance (the detection, collection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products) platforms and improving efficiencies for pharma companies, in light of the continued growth and proliferation …