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Migration from Hadoop to modern cloud platforms: The case for Hadoop alternatives
Companies rely on their big data and analytics platforms to support innovation and digital transformation strategies. However, many Hadoop users struggle with complexity, unscalable infrastructure, excessive maintenance overhead and overall, unrealized value. We help customers navigate their Hadoop migrations to modern cloud platforms such as Databricks and our partner products …
How Informatica Data Engineering Goes Hadoop-less with Databricks
Back in May, we announced our partnership with Informatica to build out a rich set of integrations between our two platforms. It’s been exciting work for the team because of what we can do for joint customers that combine our Managed Delta Lake with Informatica’s Big Data Management and Enterprise …
How to get Hadoop and Spark up and running on AWS
Are you interested in working on high-impact projects and transitioning to a career in data? Sign up to learn more about the Insight Fellows programs and start your application today.Installing Spark from scratch and getting it to run in a distributed mode on a cloud computing system can be a …
What Happened to Hadoop? And Where Do We Go from Here?
Apache Hadoop emerged on the IT scene in 2006 with the promise to provide organizations with the capability to store an unprecedented volume of data using cheap, commodity hardware. Hadoop facilitated data lakes were accompanied by a number of independent open source compute engines – and on top of that, …
How Hadoop Can Help Your Business Manage Big Data
Hadoop. Once largely unknown, hit the scene in part due to the explosion of unstructured data. Download the new white paper, "Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop," through which SQREAM explores an approach to Hadoop that aims to help businesses reduce time-to-insight, increase productivity, empower data teams for …
The End of Big Data and the Beginning of Big Data AI
In December 2014, I asked whether we were at the beginning of “the end of the Hadoop bubble.” I kept updating my Hadoop bubble watch (here and here) through the much-hyped IPOs of Hortonworks and Cloudera. The question was whether an open-source … Continue reading →
Cloudera + Hortonworks: A Marriage from the Edge to AI
Did you hear the clap of thunder in the big data ecosystem today? If so, it was only just Cloudera, Inc. and Hortonworks, Inc. jointly announcing that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which the companies will combine in an all-stock merger of equals. The transaction, which has …
Hadoop-as-a-Service: The Need Of The Hour For Superior Business Solutions
In this contributed article, content writer Swamini Kulkarni discusses how the launch of new platforms based on HaaS solutions demonstrate that Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a promising solution for building and managing the big data cluster, which will compel organizations to consider Hadoop as a potential solution for big data challenges.
Interview: Jamie Engesser, VP Product Mangement at Hortonworks
I recently caught up with Jamie Engesser, VP Product Mangement at Hortonworks during the company’s DataWorks Summit 2018 conference in San Jose, California, to get an update on his company’s direction and his sense for the pulse of the big data industry.