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Spell MLOps Platform Launches ‘Spell for Private Machines’ to Streamline DevOps and Foster Deeper Team Collaboration for Enterprises
Spell – a leading end-to-end machine learning platform that empowers businesses to get started with machine learning projects and make better use of their data – announced its new Spell for Private Machines integration. With Spell for Private Machines, enterprise teams that are spearheading machine learning projects will be able …
The Essential Guide: Machine Scheduling for AI Workloads on GPUs
This white paper by Run:AI (virtualization and acceleration layer for deep learning) addresses the challenges of expensive and limited compute resources and identifies solutions for optimization of resources, applying concepts from the world of virtualization, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and distributed computing to deep learning.
Benchmarking NVIDIA CUDA 9 and Amazon EC2 P3 Instances Using Fashion MNIST
In this post, Josh Poduska, Chief Data Scientist at Domino Data Lab, writes about benchmarking NVIDIA CUDA 9 and Amazon EC2 P3 Instances Using Fashion MNIST. If interested in additional insight from Poduska, he will also be presenting “Managing Data Science in the Enterprise” at Strata New York 2018. Introduction …
Announcing Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning
Databricks is thrilled to announce the Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning, including ready-to-use Machine Learning frameworks, simplified distributed training, and GPU Support. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more. Today more than ever, data scientists and Machine Learning practitioners have the opportunity to transform their business by implementing sophisticated …