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Exploring the strong growth of BaaS in the fintech sector
Digital transformation is making data more accessible across industries, increasing transparency, and improving customer experiences. New technologies allow legacy systems to be opened up to startups and third parties and, in some cases, give consumers direct access to data. In the financial sector, BaaS platforms have emerged as a key …
Former SEC Boss Allison Lee Highlights AI’s Future in Fintech
AI technology has always been the foundation of the Fintech industry. A report by BlueWeave Consulting and Research shows that Fintech companies are projected to spend $28.11 billion on AI technology by 2028. The growth in demand for AI among Fintech companies has accelerated in recent years. Eighteen months ago, …
How AI revamps financial services and the banking experiences
We witness more and more artificial intelligence applications in financial services in the post-pandemic era. With the help of artificial intelligence, the banking and finance industries now have new options to satisfy customer expectations for smarter, safer, and more practical ways to access, spend, save, and invest money. The financial
What to Look for in a Data-Savvy Fintech Marketing Agency
Big data technology has changed the future of marketing in a multitude of ways. A growing number of organizations are leveraging big data to get higher ROIs from their organic and paid marketing campaigns. As a result, companies around the world spent over $52 billion on data-driven marketing solutions in …
Payment automation eliminates boring paperwork
Why is payment automation a vital tool for your company? Well, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are having a positive impact on businesses. Aversion to cutting-edge technology has always existed in the finance sector due to security issues, yet modern data science can empower businesses and help them
The world’s best developers will change the future of finance at the FutureHack Hackathon
The Global DevSlam will host the FutureHack Hackathon, held by FutureLab in collaboration with Hackmasters, where the world’s top 200 developers will compete. The FutureHack Hackathon welcomes developers to participate individually or as a team, but only the best of the best will get the opportunity, limited to 200 bright
Ways Big Data Creates a Better Customer Experience In Fintech
Big data has led to many important breakthroughs in the Fintech sector. The industry is growing at a remarkable rate due to this new technology. Positive customer experience sits atop the most valuable things critical to the longevity of any business. It helps build brand reputation, enhances a company’s visibility, …
Leading Trends of Fintech Development Services in 2022
The fintech sector is growing at a shocking rate. The market was worth over $112 billion last year. By 2028, it should be worth over $332 billion. Some entrepreneurs might think this is the best time ever to invest in fintech. While the market is growing and creating more opportunities …
Crypto-enabled cybercrimes are on the rise
Digital currency proponents have long contended that cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based tokens, such stablecoins, are preferable to traditional finance. According to a new investigation by the research group SSRN, the rise of cryptocurrencies has significantly aided in the creation of a “entire criminal ecosystem” that has been built on top
Using ML to cope with cryptojacking attempts
Cryptojacking is the illegal use of another person’s computing power to mine cryptocurrencies. One of the most crucial skills a security team may possess is the capacity to identify dangers and take action as soon as possible. The level of disruption and operational effect will be reduced the quicker they
The Ukrainian fintech industry keeps growing despite the war
Despite the war and its awful challenges, the Ukrainian fintech industry is working to enhance the nation’s infrastructure and rules to attract credible companies and institutional investors from various backgrounds. Undoubtedly, many investors think it’s dangerous to invest in Ukraine right now. But for regional fintech companies, business continues as
Cloud banking is in the spotlight at London Tech Week 2022
Understanding the cloud banking dynamic may help businesses seeking to scale take advantage of significant funding possibilities. The ways that banking, finance, and technology converge at London Tech Week provide a wealth of information about the U.K.’s economic environment. Cloud banking is the future of FinTech Data show that U.K.
AI Technology Helps Consumers Improve Access to Financial Capital During Current Recession
In April, a new report showed North American banks could use AI technology to save over $70 billion within the next three years. This is just one of the many reasons that financial institutions are investing more heavily in artificial intelligence. It is easy to see why. Artificial intelligence is …
Fintech App Development Discover the Benefits of Using AI
The rapid pace of digitization has caused fintech markets to boom around the world. The market for Fintech was over $112 billion last year, but is projected to be worth over $333 billion by 2028. During this wave of disruption, successful business owners and startup founders need to understand the …
Promising Benefits of AI in the Financial Technology Market
Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage now. It’s impacting numerous industries globally and changing the way we do things. One of the critical industries AI is making strides in is the financial technology “fintech” industry. AI now plays a significant role in facilitating financial services, replacing what required manual …
How crypto helps Ukraine heal its wounds and pave its way to the digital future
The two critical steps taken in the most challenging times show how crypto helps Ukraine, brings support it needs during the invasion and turn into the digital country it dreams of. Two days ago, Ukraine launched a crypto donation site to collect crypto and fiat money to help with their
Hyper-Personalization Accelerator for Banks and Fintechs Using Credit Card Transactions
Just as Netflix and Tesla disrupted the media and automotive industry, many fintech companies are transforming the Financial Services industry by winning the… The post Hyper-Personalization Accelerator for Banks and Fintechs Using Credit Card Transactions appeared first on Databricks.
Data-Driven Strategies to Help Prevent ACH Fraud
There is no question that advances in data technology have led to some major changes in the financial industry. A growing number of banks, insurance companies, investment management firms and other financial institutions are finding creative ways to leverage big data technology. The market size for financial analytics services is …