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✚ How to Make Small Multiples in Excel
Also known as trellis charts, lattice chart, or whatever you want to call them, the technique lets you compare several categories in one view.Tags: Excel
✚ How to make Marimekko Charts in Excel
Marimekko charts, or mosaic plots, allow you to compare categories over two quantitative variables. Tags: Excel
✚ The Process 111 – Excel Limit
A row limit in Microsoft Excel led to an undercount of Covid-19 cases in the thousands. The root of the problem goes past the software though.Tags: Excel, limitations
Excel spreadsheet limit leads to 16,000 Covid-19 cases left off daily count
Microsoft Excel is useful for many things, but it has its limitations (like…Tags: coronavirus, Excel, limitations
✚ How to Make a Heatmap in Excel
Heatmaps quickly translate data tables into a visual form, making them a great tool to explore a new dataset.Tags: Excel
✚ How to Make a Customized Excess Mortality Chart in Excel
Show current evolution against expected historical variability and add one or more series that could account for the difference.Tags: Excel
“Take On Me” by a-ha recreated in Excel
Dylan Tallchief recreated “Take On Me” by a-ha in Excel. It’s not the…Tags: a-ha, Excel, songs
✚ How to Make Difference Charts in Excel
Also known as a bivariate area chart, the plot type focuses on the comparison between two time series.Tags: Excel
Making stupid Excel bar charts
I’m just gonna put this right here, from @_daviant: “Another day another stupid…Tags: Excel, humor
3 Ways to Scrape Data from a Table
There is a lot of data presented in a table format inside the web pages. However, it could be quite difficult when you try to store the data into local computers for later access. The problem would be…
Extract Data from Website to Excel Automatically
To extract data from websites, you can take advantage of data extraction tools like Octoparse. These tools can pull data from websites automatically and save them into many formats such as Excel,…
✚ How to Make a Dynamic Multi-population Pyramid in Excel
Create better population pyramids that allow for improved comparisons between sexes and populations.Tags: Excel
Excel vs Python: How to Do Common Data Analysis Tasks
In this tutorial, we’ll compare Excel and Python by looking at how to perform basic analysis tasks across both platforms. Excel is the most commonly used data analysis software in the world. Why? It’s easy to get the hang of and fairly powerful once you master it. In contrast, Python’s …
✚ How to Make a Multi-Series Dot Plot in Excel
Easily compare multiple categories and spot differences between two or more series.Tags: Excel
Cleaning your data with Excel and Google Spreadsheets
For Datawrapper, Lisa Charlotte Rost outlines the steps to prepare and clean your…Tags: cleaning, Excel, spreadsheet
xlwings Tutorial: Make Excel Faster Using Python
Pythons xlwings is a tool that allows you to use Python code to control and analyze data in Excel spreadsheets. This tutorial will help you get started. The post xlwings Tutorial: Make Excel Faster Using Python appeared first on Dataquest.
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