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Excel vs Python: How to Do Common Data Analysis Tasks
In this tutorial, we’ll compare Excel and Python by looking at how to perform basic analysis tasks across both platforms. Excel is the most commonly used data analysis software in the world. Why? It’s easy to get the hang of and fairly powerful once you master it. In contrast, Python’s …
✚ How to Make a Multi-Series Dot Plot in Excel
Easily compare multiple categories and spot differences between two or more series.Tags: Excel
Cleaning your data with Excel and Google Spreadsheets
For Datawrapper, Lisa Charlotte Rost outlines the steps to prepare and clean your…Tags: cleaning, Excel, spreadsheet
xlwings Tutorial: Make Excel Faster Using Python
Pythons xlwings is a tool that allows you to use Python code to control and analyze data in Excel spreadsheets. This tutorial will help you get started. The post xlwings Tutorial: Make Excel Faster Using Python appeared first on Dataquest.
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R for Excel Users
R for Excel Users