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New Data Ingestion Network for Databricks: The Partner Ecosystem for Applications, Database, and Big Data Integrations into Delta Lake
Organizations have a wealth of information siloed in various sources, and pulling this data together for BI, reporting and machine learning applications is one of the biggest obstacles to realizing business value from data. The data sources vary from operational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. to SaaS applications like …
Do You Actually Need a Data Lake?
In this contributed article, Eran Levy, Director of Marketing at Upsolver, sets out to formally define "data lake" and then goes on to ask whether your organization needs a data lake by examining 5 key indicators.
Simplify Advertising Analytics Click Prediction with Databricks Unified Analytics Platform
Advertising teams want to analyze their immense stores and varieties of data requiring a scalable, extensible, and elastic platform. Advanced analytics, including but not limited to classification, clustering, recognition, prediction, and recommendations allow these organizations to gain deeper insights from their data and drive business outcomes. As data of various …
Analyze Games from European Soccer Leagues with Apache Spark and Databricks
Introduction The global sports market is huge, comprised of players, teams, leagues, fan clubs, sponsors, etc., and all of these entities interact in myriad ways generating an enormous amount of data. Some of that data is used internally to help make better decisions, and there are a number of use …