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32 Data Sets to Uplift your Skills in Data Science
Need a data set to practice with? Data Science Dojo has created an archive of 32 data sets for you to use to practice and improve your skills as a data scientist.
Career Day at NYC Data Science Academy, January 15, 2020
Exclusive Hiring Partner Event organized by NYC Data Science Academy, on January 15, 2020.
Sign the new AI Manifesto
Much like the Agile Manifesto for Software Development, a new AI Manifesto has emerged from David “Gonzo” Gonzalez & Ben Taylor. It is currently open for signatures, so please go sign.
Picks on AI trends from Data Natives 2019
A sneak-peek into a few AI trends we picked for you from Data Natives 2019 – Europe’s coolest Data Science gathering. We are about to enter 2020, a new decade in which Artificial Intelligence is expected to dominate almost all aspects of our lives- the way we live, the way …
[Updated] 23 Top US Schools Offering a Masters Program in Data Science
[Continually Updated] has culled together a list of 23 of the best US Universities/Colleges that offer a Masters in Data Science. Read More The post [Updated] 23 Top US Schools Offering a Masters Program in Data Science appeared first on Starbridge Partners.
Live Online Data Science Bootcamp 2.0
We are extremely excited to launch an upgraded and advanced version of our online bootcamp. With our LIVE online bootcamp, students from anywhere in the world can attend live classes, interact with peers and have Q&As in real-time.
Stop searching for that data scientist unicorn
The data science unicorn is a somewhat mythical person who is a leader in data science, technology, and business. Of course, these candidates practically don’t exist, nor do they necessarily make strong team members. As data science teams have grown, businesses have moved away from trying to find that one …
Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist — What’s the Difference?
In the fast-growing field of data, the "big three" job roles are data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist. Figure out which is the best fit for you. The post Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist — What’s the Difference? appeared first on Dataquest.
Quiz: What kind of data scientist are you?
We created this quiz to tell you what kind of data scientist you are (or maybe even what kind you should be), based on some characters from pop culture!
Alumni Spotlight: Hayley Caddes, Lead Data Scientist at BerlandTeam
Hayley Caddes traveled across the country from San Francisco to New York to pursue her education and now works at her dream job. While she was planning her career in chemical engineering, she realized how central data science is, so she decided to switch gears and devote herself to that …
101 Data Science Interview Questions, Answers, and Key Concepts
Interviews are difficult for most people. You don't want to mess up during it, but you always think of a better response after-the-fact. Here are 101 data science interview questions with responses and suggestions from large tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
Alumni Spotlight: Elsa Vera Amores, Data Scientist at JP Morgan Chase
Elsa Vera Amores made a career change to data science with NYC Data Science Academy. She now applies the skills she learned at in-person Data Science Bootcamp and her passion for machine learning as a Data Scientist in the Workforce Analytics team at JP Morgan Chase
Launching Course 'Bundles' with Financing Options
NYC Data Science Academy is happy to announce the launch of five courses bundled courses, offered at a discounted rate.
Three Trends in Data Science Jobs You Should Know
If you are a Data Scientist wondering what companies could have the most career opportunities or an employer looking to hire the best data science talent but aren’t sure what titles to use in your job listings — a recent report using Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph could hold some answers for …
International Women’s Engineering Day
Today is International Women’s Engineering Day 2019, and with women making up just 16% of engineering professionals, it's important to highlight amazing women in the field, and encourage more young women to consider a career in engineering, specifically data science and data engineering in the process.
Getting Your First Job in Data Science
Getting your first data science job might be challenging, but it’s possible to achieve this goal with the right resources. Plus, this post includes a free, complete guide to getting your first data science job.
Building Up Our Data Scientists: From Learner to Full License
At Data Science Dojo, we invest in up-and-coming data scientists who have the potential to grow into master Jedi with the breadth and depth to work on almost any data problem. Our internship program gives individuals the ability to grow their data science skillset.
Best Places to Work as a Data Scientist Around the World
To be honest, there has never been a better time than today to learn data science. The following post emphasizes the top cities across the globe with the highest pay packages for data scientists.