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The Role of Data Governance in Data Management
Both data governance and data management workflows are critical to ensuring the security and control of an organization's most valuable asset- data. An experienced IT specialist understands the differences between […] The post The Role of Data Governance in Data Management appeared first on Datafloq.
Data Security Posture: What is it and How to Manage it
In the last couple of decades, there has been a massive surge in the number of data-intensive applications. Thus, companies nowadays are relying more and more on third-party cloud storage […] The post Data Security Posture: What is it and How to Manage it appeared first on Datafloq.
Never lose your ID, especially in cyberspace
Identity theft is a serious cybersecurity risk you must watch out for. When someone steals another person’s personal information and uses it for their profit, especially without the person’s consent, this is referred to as identity theft. Numerous varieties of identity theft exist, each with a unique impact on the
Your WhatsApp data may be on sale on the dark web!
If you use the popular instant messaging service, your data could be for sale in the latest dark web WhatsApp data leak. No official report on whether anyone has exploited the exposed user data exists. Still, according to the co-founder and CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao, Cybernews, and various sources,
Thousands of users whose Robinhood accounts were stolen are waiting for compensation
We explained everything you need to know about Robinhood Account Takeover Settlement. To resolve charges about failing to stop a data breach resulting in account takeovers, Robinhood agreed to a $20 million class action settlement. The claim deadline is near, so you better hurry. The potential payout per user would
Your guide to assessing cybersecurity risks before they harm valuable assets
Cybersecurity risk assessment is essential for any organization at any stage of its digital transformation journey. Almost all businesses have some IT infrastructure and internet connectivity, which makes them all vulnerable against cyber threats to some extent. Cybersecurity risk assessment practices identify which assets are most vulnerable to cyber threats,
EU probes TikTok’s data practices with multiple investigations
TikTok data practices on EU citizens and ads catering to kids are under investigation by the European Union. Allegations include that the social media giant sent European users’ data to China. Following the US, the EU started investigating TikTok’s data practices and its compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) …
Google location settlement: The search engine giant will pay $391.5 million to settle lawsuits
After a $391.5 million Google location tracking lawsuit settlement, “Google location settlement claim” is one the most searched queries on the Internet, and it makes totally sense. The Google location settlement amount is considerably notable when we look at the latest settlements, such as the Snapchat privacy settlement, T-Mobile data
Cyber awareness is the foremost instrument against whaling attacks
What is whaling? Well, we started to hear about this strategy more and more. Data science has given birth to new ways of doing business around the world, directly increasing the importance of cyber awareness. Even the largest companies can be victims of serious cyber attacks. What was that famous
Cyber espionage remains a real threat to both governments and businesses
Cyber espionage is evolving and spreading on the domestic and international levels. A straightforward definition of cyber espionage is the intentional stealing of data, information, or intellectual property from or through computer systems. Social engineering, malware dissemination, advanced persistent threat (APT), watering hole assaults, and spear phishing are a few
Cybersecurity Measures Can Protect Windows Devices From Venus Ransomware
Venus ransomware has been active since August 2022. The attack campaign targets Remote Desktop services. Which cybersecurity measures should you take to stay safe? The post Cybersecurity Measures Can Protect Windows Devices From Venus Ransomware appeared first on Data Science Central.
Snapchat privacy settlement claims: Snapchat class action lawsuit explained
Last days for Snapchat privacy settlement claim. If you live in Illinois and use Snapchat, you might be eligible for a share of a multi-million dollar settlement in a Snapchat lawsuit brought against the parent corporation of the social media platform. Everything you need to know about the Snapchat class
Tiktok data privacy settlement payout starts
Tiktok data privacy settlement payout started! Did you get the “Your TikTok data privacy settlement prepaid MasterCard is ready” message? Users of TikTok in the US may be qualified to receive a portion of the $92 million settlement reached in a class action lawsuit involving TikTok data privacy. What is
Optus Data Breach compensation can be worth billions of dollars
“How to get Optus Data Breach compensation?” is starting to ask, especially after the billions’ worth of Optus Data Breach class action rumors. Is it possible? According to experts, the answer is yes. Any class action lawsuit against Optus over the data breach that put users at risk of identity
Interserve Data Breach: Interserve fined £4.4m by ICO
Interserve Data Breach finalized. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined Interserve Group Ltd. £4.4 million for failing to protect the personal information of its employees. According to a watchdog, hackers were able to collect the personal data of 113,000 employees due to phishing emails. Can you claim compensation? Keep reading…
Texas sues Google and wants billions of dollars in penalties: Texas Google Lawsuit explained
Texas sues Google for collecting biometric data without consent. The state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, said that products like Google Photos and the Nest camera had infringed on Texans’ right to privacy. The state of Texas accuses Google in a lawsuit that could cost the tech giant billions of dollars
Medibank cyber attack: Medibank confirmed the ransomware hack
3.9 million customers are now on alert due to the Medibank cyber attack. Hackers who claim to have taken reams of information from Medibank Private have threatened to sell private customer data, including credit card information and sensitive medical conditions unless the insurance pays a ransom. What should you do?
Everything you should know about the T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement
Nowadays, everyone is looking for the T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement claim form and wants to learn how to get compensation. It makes sense because after millions of customers’ personal information were exposed by hackers, T-Mobile accepted the almost unprecedented offer. How do I file a T-Mobile settlement? How much will