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#CraftyDataViz Winners
About a month ago, on a whim, I posted the #CraftyDataViz contest, hoping for some beautiful and wacky homemade visualizations, and you all sure came through! The entries were gorgeous and the judging was super difficult!
#CraftyDataViz Contest!
Being as spontaneous as usual, I asked if anyone would be interested in having a #CraftyDataViz contest, and several people responded yes! So, here we are. Time to get creative!
The Becoming a Data Scientist tees are ready to sell! I ordered a couple myself before posting them for sale, to make sure the quality was good. They came out great!! And if you order from Teespring before MarchApril 1 using this link: Becoming a Data Scientist Store – Free …
T-Shirt Contest Finalists
I still haven't heard from one of the 3 finalists, but I wanted to go ahead and post the first two, and I'll update here with the final one later. These finalists win a data science book and a t-shirt, and I'll choose from the three (I'm actually considering combining …
Vote for a T-Shirt design!
Which of these awesome designs would you like on your future Becoming a Data Scientist T-Shirt? You all will narrow it down to 3, then I’ll pick the final winner to be printed! For the ones that aren’t t-shirt-print-ready, I’ll get a graphic designer to tidy them up, so don’t …
T-Shirt Design Contest!
I’ve decided that I want to have Becoming a Data Scientist t-shirts to sell and to give out to podcast guests and contest winners, but I am not a graphic designer, so I need some help! So I’m going to have a t-shirt design contest!