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The Metaverse Will Be Built on Big Data and User Trust.
As technology gears up for one of its most significant periods of growth in the digital age towards a future built on the foundation of the metaverse, the sheer volume of data that businesses can turn to optimize both their internal and external operations will be unprecedented. Whilst this new …
How Technology Has Shaped Organizational Change Management
Many organizations resist change, whether due to a fear of the unknown or a reluctance to leave the comfort of the status quo. Change is often seen as complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. But organizational change management is a necessary evil. The right approach can allow organizations to improve their operations, …
Analytics and intelligence: Understand the present, foresee the future
What is the difference between business intelligence and data analytics? Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics are frequently used interchangeably in data-driven enterprises. Though they aren’t the same, it is hard to clarify the difference. Do you know how you would answer if someone asked you to describe the distinction?
Navigate through the rough seas of retail with business intelligence as your compass
Are you looking for the best business analytics and business intelligence solutions in retail? Well, it is not surprising. According to Fortune Business Insights, the retail business intelligence market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 17.7% from 2018 to 2028, reaching USD 18.33 billion. The retail sector has
Data Management as a Business Discipline – Part 2: Theorems and Principles
In the blog “Why Data Management is Today’s Most Important Business Discipline”, I challenged the business and IT communities to reframe the data management conversation; to transform data management from an IT practice into a business discipline focused on leveraging data (and analytics) to deliver business and operational outcomes. The …
How to build your data quality team
As the adage goes, a workman is only as good as his tools. There is no disputing that, but you can never overlook the power of qualification, aptitude, and experience when it comes to data quality. You need to select a data quality team that is acquainted with the high …
Data cleansing for reliable analytics and business intelligence
According to Forbes, data scientists spend about 80% of their time on data collection, cleansing, and preparation, while only 20% of it is left for actual data analysis. Organizations that don’t utilize master data management systems or data warehouses to keep their data clean and accurate end up basing crucial …
Preventing Data Breaches with Extended Security Posture Management
Extended security posture management keeps your data safe by helping IT teams to strengthen the security posture of an infrastructure. The post Preventing Data Breaches with Extended Security Posture Management appeared first on Data Science Central.
How Customer Data Integration Can Take Your Business to the Next Level
Data integration is one of the most crucial resources within every business. But it’s certainly not a limited resource. As a matter of fact, data is one of the most expansive and complex resources that’s difficult to process and manage. As a business expands, the amount of exact data it …
How does business intelligence shed light on your past, present, and future?
5 Vital Business Intelligence Tips All Companies Should Embrace
Business intelligence is an integral part of any business strategy. It helps to turn your data or objectives into something meaningful. Business intelligence software can integrate information and present it in dashboards, reports, or graphs. Sixty-four percent of BI users have felt it was very helpful. It is also essential …
Hacking business intelligence: Common challenges and solutions
Pecan AI Announces One-Click Data Science Model Deployment, Integration with Core Business Systems, and Automated Live Model Monitoring
Pecan AI, a leader in AI-based predictive analytics for BI analysts and business teams, announced the addition of one-click model deployment and integration with common CRMs, marketing automation tools and other core business systems. Pecan’s customers can now take immediate actions based on the highly accurate predictions for future churn, …
Healthcare Industry: The Impact of Business Intelligence
The healthcare industry has long been a complicated endeavor, primarily due to health and medicine’s central concept and myriad other equally intricate factors. Interestingly, any healthcare institution must ensure seamless operations while also managing these factors and working on other goals, such as cutting down costs, fostering better efficiency, delivering …
Explore the BI landscape: The best companies and tools (2022)
Check out our best business intelligence companies list for those wanting to explore the BI landscape. The BI market is brimming with specific concepts and designs created to meet evolving company demands in unique ways. It is a fast-growing industry with an often bewildering number of suppliers and solutions. Spreadsheets
How can CIOs Build Business Value with Business Analytics?
Analytics is becoming more important than ever in the world of business. Over 70% of global businesses use some form of analytics. This figure will rise as globalization, supply chain challenges and other factors increase competitiveness. This is an important year for enterprises keeping in view that most global industries …
The right business intelligence strategy leads to lucrative results
Are you looking for the best way to build your business intelligence strategies? We explain techniques, roadmap, and examples of BI strategies in this article. The worldwide economy has taken a significant knock in recent months, and businesses that have managed to endure are now searching for methods to use
Five Simple Steps for Implementing a Star Schema in Databricks With Delta Lake
Most data warehouse developers are very familiar with the ever-present star schema. Introduced by Ralph Kimball in the 1990s, a star schema is… The post Five Simple Steps for Implementing a Star Schema in Databricks With Delta Lake appeared first on Databricks.