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Complete Guide of Quantum Computing Resources
Quantum Computing is starting to gain attention in the developer world and startup circles. Here is a large listing of resources for learning about quantum computing. Quantum Computing Books Quantum Computing Courses Quantum Computing Blogs Quantum Computing Research Quantum Computing Companies Large Companies doing Quantum Computing In addition to the …
Instant classic
“Instant classic,” is of course an oxymoron. A classic is something that has passed the test of time, and by definition that cannot happen instantly. But how long should the test of time last? In his book Love What Lasts, Joshua Gibbs argues that 100 years after the death of …
Whittaker and Watson
Whittaker and Watson’s analysis textbook is a true classic. My only complaint about the book is that the typesetting is poor. I said years ago that I wish someone would redo the book in LaTeX and touch it up a bit. I found out while writing my previous post that …
Galois diagram
The previous post listed three posts I’d written before about images on the covers of math books. This post is about the image on the first edition of Dummit and Foote’s Abstract Algebra. Here’s a version of the image I recreated using LaTeX. The image on the cover appears on …
Book cover posts
When a math book has an intriguing image on the cover, it’s fun to get to the point in the book where the meaning of the image is explained. I have some ideas for book covers I’d like to write about, but here I’d like to point out three such …
Data Visualization Humble Bundle
There’s a data visualization book bundle on Humble Bundle this month. Get twenty-two…Tags: books, Bundle
New R book
Five years ago I recommended the book Learning Base R. Here’s the last paragraph of my review: Now there are more books on R, and some are more approachable to non-statisticians. The most accessible one I’ve seen so far is Learning Base R by Lawrence Leemis. It gets into statistical …
My densest books
I recently got a copy of Methods of Theoretical Physics by Morse and Feshbach. It’s a dense book, literally and metaphorically. I wondered whether it might be the densest book I own, so I weighed some of my weightier books. Morse and Feshbach has density 1.005 g/cm³, denser than water. …
Volunteer-generated errata pages
I picked up a used copy of Quaternions and Rotation Sequences by Jack B. Kuipers for a project I’m starting to work on. The feedback I’ve seen on the book says it has good content but also has lots of typos. My copy has a fair number of corrections that …
✚ Visualization Books for a Beginner – The Process 142
My two cents on a discussion about what visualization books beginners should and should not read.Tags: beginners, books
Information Graphic Visionaries, a book series
The Information Graphic Visionaries book series just launched on Kickstarter. Emma Willard, Florence…Tags: books, history
Books and revealed preferences
Revealed preferences are the preferences we demonstrate by our actions. These may be different from our stated preferences. Even if we’re being candid, we may not be self-aware. One of the secrets to the success of Google’s PageRank algorithm is that it ranks based on revealed preferences: If someone links …
The best books and podcasts on data science and AI for 2021
Data science and AI are among the best (and highest paying) careers in the world right now, so it makes sense to keep increasing your knowledge, and learning from the best. But doing that in an age of information overload isn’t easy. One way to stay ahead of the game
Best Data Science Books in 2020 (Vetted by Experts)
Learn Python, R, machine learning, social media scraping, and much more from these free data science books you can download today. The post Best Data Science Books in 2020 (Vetted by Experts) appeared first on Dataquest.
Banned math book
Courant & Hilbert is a classic applied math textbook, still in print nearly a century after the first edition came out. The actual title of the book is Methods of Mathematical Physics, but everyone calls it Courant & Hilbert after the authors, Richard Courant and David Hilbert. I was surprised …
✚ Visualization Books in My Queue (The Process 084)
I have a lot of books stacked on my desk. It's kind of embarrassing. Now seems like a good as time as any to read them.Tags: books
How to Find and Choose the Best Data Science Courses
​There are hundreds of options for selecting data science courses, and making your way through the maze of choices can be difficult. To make things easier, we present this guide to data science courses in five main categories:University/CollegesData Science BootcampsData Science BooksOnline Video-Based Courses (MOOCs)Online Interactive Courses (like we provide …
Data-driven hipster reading list
When it comes to reading lists, we usually look for what’s popular, because…Tags: books, hipster, library, The Pudding