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16-Year-Old Data Scientist Creates R Shiny App to Champion Gender Equality in Sports Media Coverage of NCAA Women’s Basketball
Nathaniel Yellin, a 16-year-old student, has concluded a new study that reveals the significant gender bias in the sports media coverage of female athletes and, in particular, college basketball players. Yellin has pursued his passions for sports, data science and inspiring change through the creation of an organization and interactive …
AI and the American smile
Jenka Gurfinkel discusses the appearance of the American smile in AI-generated images and…Tags: AI, bias, images, midjourney
How Organizations Can Avoid Data Bias in the Age of AI
In this contributed article, Ken Payne, Hyland’s Product Manager for Automation, discusses how organizations can avoid the associated risks when working to implement AI, mitigate data bias, improve data relevance, increase transparency, bolster trust and ultimately lead you on the path to more ethical AI.
Bias in AI-generated images
Lensa is an app that lets you retouch photos, and it recently added…Tags: AI, bias, images, Lensa, MIT Technology Review, Stable Diffusion
Statistical Bias Types explained (with examples) – part 1
Humans are stupid. We all are, because our brain has been made that way. The most obvious evidence of this built-in stupidity is the different biases that our brain produces. Even so, at least we can be a bit smarter than average, if we are aware of them. This is …
7 Reasons For Bias In AI and What To Do About It
In this contributed article, Alexandra Ebert, Chief Trust Officer at MOSTLY AI, discusses 7 important ways that machine learning models become biased along with techniques for prevention. The power of AI is that it can scale processes so effortlessly that they can amplify both the good and the bad way …
Virtual proctoring simulation
Many colleges use virtual proctoring software in an effort to reduce cheating on…Tags: bias, privacy, proctoring, YR Media
Simulating how just a little gender bias in the workplace can lead to big effects up the chain
Yuhao Du, Jessica Nordell, and Kenneth Joseph used simulations to study the effects…Tags: bias, gender, New York Times, work
✚ Looking at What’s Not There – The Process 140
Data is always incomplete.Tags: bias, missing data
Study finds that even the best speech recognition systems exhibit bias
This article originally appeared on VentureBeat and is reproduced with permission. Even state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) algorithms struggle to recognize the accents of people from certain regions of the world. That’s the top-line finding of a new study published by researchers at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Cancer …
Genesis of a Model Intelligence Platform – Truera
In this start-up highlight piece, we discuss how a CMU professor and his former grad student are ushering in a new era of responsible AI, and helping companies address bias in their AI models. This is a short story of the genesis of Truera.
AI-driven Platform Identifies and Remediates Biases in Data
Synthesized has released the Community Edition of its data platform for Bias Mitigation. Released as a freemium version, the offering incorporates AI research and cutting-edge techniques to enable any organization to quickly identify potential biases within their data and immediately start to remediate these flaws.
Addressing AI Trust, Systemic Bias & Transparency as Business Priorities
Trustworthy, Fair, Transparent and Responsible AI is the number one priority for business leaders for very good reason. Noting the size of fines regulators are handing out for misuse of AI, the risk of going live with an AI system that nobody understands, the bias that leads to irreparable brand …
How Do We Make It Easier To Trust?
In this contributed article, Sean Beard, Vice President at Pariveda Solutions, discusses how automating trust presents a new set of challenges to an organization due to the subject nature of trust. Businesses must develop a better understanding of bias in their data and how different business contexts are applied to …
Algorithm leads to arrest of the wrong person
Even though there was supposedly a person in the decision-making process and a…Tags: arrests, bias, facial recognition, police
Face depixelizer with machine learning, and some assumptions
In crime shows, they often have this amazing tool that turns a low-resolution,…Tags: bias, face, pixels
COVID-19 predictions, Dunning-Kruger Effect and the Hippocratic Oath of a Data Scientist
Some close friends have asked if I have been analyzing the COVID-19 datasets. Yes, I have been looking at these datasets. However, my analysis has been just out of curiosity and not with the intent of publishing my forecast or recommendations.
COVID-19 predictions, Dunning-Kruger effect and Hippocratic oath of a data scientist
Experienced machine learning professionals understand the limitations of modeling. Given what impact they can have on lives, society and economy, one has to understand their social responsibility in communicating insights.