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How Automation Helps You Exploit the Value in Big Data
In this sponsored post, Simon Shah spearheads marketing at Redwood Software to support continued market growth and innovation for their cloud-based IT and business process automation solutions. He believes that by using automation to collect and manage your big data processes, you will truly exploit its value for the business.
✚ Automatic Visualization is Still Not Useful (The Process 098)
There were rumblings this week about visualizing data automatically. Got a dataset? Plug it in to some software, and you've got that amazing visualization you've been looking for. Just like magic. That's always the promise at least.Tags: automation
AI by the numbers: The impact of automation on jobs
Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of AI highlight the number of manufacturing jobs eliminated by robots; why robots could replace financial analysts; the very small number of organizations not evaluating or using AI today; and the debate … Continue reading →
Productionize and automate your data platform at scale
Data-driven innovation is no longer optional to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Companies that can bring data, analytics, and ML-based products to market first will quickly beat their competition. While many companies have streamlined CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) processes for application development, very few have well-defined processes for developing …
AI by the Numbers: 35% Of Workers Worldwide Expect Their Job Will Be Automated
You will find more infographics at Statista Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress of AI highlight anxiety about AI eliminating jobs, the competition for AI talent, questions about employees AI preparedness, and data quality, literacy, … Continue reading →
Aging and Automation
The “under-appreciated” workforce — experienced workers with long tenures at their companies, aged 50 and above — are estimated to have contributed $7.6 trillion to U.S. economic activity in 2015, set to jump to over $13.5 trillion by 2032, according … Continue reading →
AI, Augmented Intelligence, Automation, and RPA
Source: PwC
AI by the Numbers: 82% of Workers Think Robots Can Do Things Better than Their Managers
Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress of AI highlighted workers’ positive attitudes toward AI and robots, challenges in implementing enterprise AI, the perceived benefits of AI in financial services, and the impact of AI on … Continue reading →
Automation: 2020 Predictions
Over 1 million knowledge-work jobs will be replaced in 2020 by software robotics, RPA, virtual agents and chatbots, and machine-learning-based decision management. So predicts research firm Forrester in a new report published today, “Predictions 2020: Automation.” It also estimates that … Continue reading →
How do systemic approaches to IT operations impact the business culture?
How are dynamic IT operations affecting company culture? What do businesses need to understand about data driven AI to successfully drive their operations into the future? Risks that previously stayed inside organizational units, such as IT Ops, now leak across domains, influencing decision-making for the entire company. These factors, including …
German radiologists are eager to co-create the future of AI in their field.
What is the promise of AI to radiologists? How will the future customize preventive medicine using cross-functional data, like genomics and historical data? Read on. One hundred and fourteen years ago, the first Röntgen Congress was held in Berlin to explore Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery, X- Rays, a medical miracle …
3 Big Data And Automation Resolutions For Entrepreneurs In 2019
Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking to get more done with less time. With so many tasks to complete, many business owners quickly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Fortunately, two emerging trends, big data and automation, can reduce the amount of time required to …
How Effective Is AI Crime Prediction? Evaluating Our London Crime Prediction Model
Last year, we set up a prediction model on crime in London. We had established the model already, grounded in open data, but updated it to make predictions about 2017. We took the data provided by the police in the greater London area, and by enriching this data with Points …
3 Ways AI In The Business World Can Lead To Industry Improvement
Dartmouth held the first artificial intelligence (AI) conference in 1956. The idea of artificial intelligence gained popularity, and people believed machines would replace human beings in the workplace someday. However, at that time the idea lacked funding at its conceptual stage and could not develop, launching a period known as …
Is Robotic Process Animation The Next Evolution Of Big Data?
The first robots predate the term “big data” by over 30 years. However, data has been integral to the development of robotics for many years, even though the concept of big data is fairly new. Big data will continue to play a vital role in shaping this slowly evolving field. …
How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit The Finance Industry
Artificial intelligence (AI) was once mostly associated with the video game industry, but financial institutions are starting to realize that this technology can do a lot for them. Perhaps the most common use of AI modules in the banking industry involves the calculation of interest rates and home values. Intelligent …
Automation: How Can It Affect Your Company?
In this contributed, Anthony Coggine, HR professional turned business analyst, discusses the importance of artificial intelligence and automation in terms of how the technology can affect your company.
Python is the Perfect Tool for any Problem
Reflection is always a helpful (and sometimes entertaining ) exercise. For nostalgia’s sake — if one can be nostalgic for something 2 years old— I wanted to share my first Python program.