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Algorithmic rent increase
It’s growing more common for landlords to use software to set the rental…Tags: algorithm, housing, ProPublica, rent
Best Scraper Application by Pay once
Choose the best scraper application with just one time Payment instead of subscription.
Opposing schools of thought imagine and build contrary futures for AI
While many people think of abstract ideas regarding artificial general intelligence (AGI), this technology has arrived at an important crossroads today. In fact, scientists stunned by its incredible potential agree to disagree on how the future of AGI should be shaped. Disagreements about the future of technologies, especially the ones
Open-source Twitter algorithm: What could go wrong?
There’s a controversy going on all over the internet regarding the Twitter algorithm. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has ambitions toward making it open-source. What would be the advantages and disadvantages from a user perspective? Social media platforms are being heavily criticized for their content ranking algorithms. We discussed
TikTok algorithms work because of a lot of data
Ben Smith for The New York Times got an internal document that outlines…Tags: algorithm, New York Times, TikTok
Lightning algorithm
Matt Henderson on Numberphile shows off a “lightning algorithm” which is actually a…Tags: algorithm, Matt Henderson, Numberphile
Testing the TikTok algorithm
The Wall Street Journal tested out the TikTok algorithm with bots to see…Tags: algorithm, TikTok, Wall Street Journal
Definition of an algorithm
Oftentimes we see “algorithms” referenced in various contexts, but the definition of an…Tags: algorithm, Kristian Lum
Through the eyes of the algorithm
Eugene Wei looks closer at the algorithms that drive TikTok and how its…Tags: algorithm, Eugene Wei, TikTok
An Intuitive Introduction to Reinforcement learning
Reinforcement learning (RL) is a trial and error form of learning in which an agent acting in a given environment learns to take optimal actions at every state it encounters in such an environment with the ultimate goal to increase/maximize a numerical reward function.
Understanding Inverse Document Frequency
TF-IDF is extensively used in search engines and in various document classification and clustering techniques. Instead of taking the formula by the word, we take a detour and dive deep into the better half of it and find its connection with Probability, the role it plays in document relevance and …
Isolation Forest algorithm for anomaly detection
Anomaly detection is an age-old problem and in this article, we dive deep into an unsupervised algorithm, Isolation Forest, that beautifully exploits the characteristics of anomalies. Instead of profiling normal points and labeling others as anomalies, the algorithm is actually is tuned to detect anomalies.
How To Understand the data science pipeline
The first step in the pipeline is to acquire the data from a variety of sources, including relational databases
This article describes various uses of kinetic Energy in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and why Natural Language Processing could be used in trading, with the potential to be use also in other...
Optimized Brewery Road Trip, With Genetic Algorithm
Visit the best American breweries of 2018, based on RateBeer rankings, while minimizing travel time and distance. Tags: algorithm, breweries, road trip
Here is How You Can build a data science team from scratch in 2018 - The Definitive Guide
Data Science has become the top growing job and its Entry-level salaries can range into six figures, and can lead to more job opportunities by 2020. We are going to mention main important aspects of a data science organization.
What To Know About Using Artificial Intelligence For Big Data Analysis
For the past many decades of hope and promise, 2018 may finally be the year when AI will gain meaningful traction and use within the Fortune 1000 companies. A survey conducted by New Vantage Partners represented around 97.2% of the executives who were willing to invest in launching and facilitating …
“Optimized” floor plan with genetic algorithms
Genetic algorithms are inspired by natural selection, where the system is given a…Tags: algorithm, floor plan