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You Need to Monitor Data Center Humidity to Protect Equipment
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Airborne contaminants can be detrimental to a data center, especially when humidity carries harmful components that corrode metals and technological equipment. When corrosion in data center facilities happens, it can corrupt data, require repairs and take away from the company’s profits. That’s why it’s vital to focus on data center humidity control.The process of protecting data center equipment requires a few steps. First, experts must identify all possible issues humidity brings and install monitoring equipment to measure the harm that’s done. Next, they’ll need to install filtration systems to reduce the risks.Understanding how corrosion occurs and taking the proper steps to avoid it allows data centers to work at peak capacity. Here’s how to protect facilities from the elements and ease customers’ worries.Hidden Causes of CorrosionData centers require cooling techniques to counteract the high temperatures the equipment can reach. This combination, alongside the various air pollutants and contaminants both in and outside the area, can cause corrosion. When this happens, systems may run into errors, and operations could come to a halt.Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide and various acidic gases come from cleaning products, previous corrosion and outside environmental factors. If these pollutants reach the technology inside data systems, ...Read More on Datafloq
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