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Winning Customer - Confidence is the way ahead in the Digital World
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Customer-confidence is the trust that a customer repose's in the company that the company has only the best interest of the customer at heart. Companies, who want to develop and sustain a trust-based relationship with customers, strive to go beyond mere transactional work and imbibe a trust-based culture in their organizations.The Digital channel, as of now, serves straightforward transactions. However, the real-world scenarios are more complex. And, when it comes to complex customer transactions, especially where the upfront investment is huge and the maturity value is visible to the customer only after a highly deferred time period, it is difficult to gain the customer-confidence upfront. Here the purchase dynamics are different. As far as the purchase is concerned, the Digital channel does not inspire confidence in customers as there is no tangible result to relate to. And there is ample scope to improve the Digital channel by showcasing perceptible goals to the customer to relate to and thus to build confidence in the product and hence the brand. Challenges in using Digital channel to inspire Customer-Confidence:In complex scenarios, the products are ‘pushed’ by a company instead of being ‘pulled’ by the customers with a trust inspired by the ...Read More on Datafloq
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