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Leveraging Technological Advances to Facilitate Online Trading
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The online trading marketplace continues to grow rapidly amid rapid advancements in technology. Traditionally, traders would either learn to trade gradually or hire an expert trader to trade on their behalf. This limited the inflow of new online traders into the market.However, with the latest advances in technology, traders can now leverage various trading tools and systems to make money online without necessarily seeking the advice of an expert, or becoming experts themselves. Online trading brokers have also recognized the paradigm shift and moved quickly to provide tools that will bring in more traders. As such, some offer their traders an opportunity to automatically copy the trades of expert traders, while others provide interactive charting tools to help analyze the markets.Adapting trading platforms to mobile devicesNearly every major city and town in the world today have access to the internet. The rise in global internet penetration has been driven by the emergence of the smartphone. Over the last 10 years, communication has continued to shift from e-mail to mobile messaging apps with billions now using Facebook’s Messanger App, Instagram, WhatsApp, Chinese WeChat, TikTok, and Telegram among others.Investment service providers have followed the changes in consumer behavior by developing online investment ...Read More on Datafloq
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