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Key Cloud SLA Pointers You Should Never Miss
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While moving to the Cloud-based solutions, Cloud Service Level Agreements (SLA) play a crucial role. An SLA comprises of entire service level management strategy and is seen as an important and unmissable component. A Cloud SLA helps in filling all the existing gaps between customers' and Cloud providers' expectations. Also, Cloud SLAs can emerge as a great communication enabler between the involved parties. SLA, as the name suggests, is an agreement, not any form of contract. It is an agreement that takes place between the internal and external customers and Cloud providers. It usually contains the complete documentation regarding services that the service provider will be providing. In crisp language, it is the promise that has to be mandatorily followed by the service provider. SLAs comprise most IT services where providers offer Cloud-related assistance like Cloud services, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DRaaS, to name a few. Besides being an agreed service level, SLA also helps in defining a complete overview of what can be done if the Cloud provider fails to provide desired levels of availability. A clearly defined SLA assures enhanced communications between the provider and the customer. However, for a well-defined SLA, several important factors have to be ...Read More on Datafloq
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