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How AI can improve Workplace and productivity!
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An unhealthy, dangerous or toxic workplace has been known to deter workers from innovating and damage a company's reputation. Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to ensure that work environments keep employees safe, satisfied and positive so they can stay productive and innovative at work.With a focus on the workplace, health management programs understand how these disruptive tools will affect the health - mental, social, and physical - of workers in various industries. Although it might sound a bit intrusive, employers have been monitoring employee habits on their work computers ever since computers became popular. Additionally, employees passively consent to workplace monitoring when they sign their contracts. Now Companies even use work from home monitoring software to track their remote worker!AI promises to change the way workplaces operate but will it be a force for good or disrupt workplace culture in a negative way? With the hope that AI will create a market of $ 190.6 billion by 2045, this tool could be used to provide healthier, more productive, and accessible work environments for all employees. Toxic work environments, whether physically or mentally toxic, can impact the well-being and productivity of workers. According to the American Institute of Stress, the American Institute of Stress companies ...Read More on Datafloq
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