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Gen Z & Millennials In The Workplace: How To Lead
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Millennials and Gen X - Myths, Habits, and PerceptionsOrganizations today are grappling with a critical challenge - How to manage the changing organization - employee relationship with the rise of the Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce. Gen-Z are expected to make Up 24 Percent of the Global Workforce in 2020. And together with millennial, they are expected to make well over half of the US workforce. ( source: ManpowerGroup).  Millennials and GenZ both expect their workplace to be cooler, flexible and home-likeEvery generation is defined by a shared set of beliefs and interests which are influenced by experiences when they came of age. The GenZ & Millennial generational cohorts are disrupting existing business models and workplace cultures. Having been brought up in a world where significant themes such as globalization, technology, climate crises and connectivity had already become common-place, they have fresh, unique perspectives and expectations towards their career, workplace, and work habits. That is not to say that they have had it easy going for them. Millennials, often accused of being lazy and entitled by the Baby Boomers & Gen X, have taken startups to the ...Read More on Datafloq
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