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Delivering an Enhanced Customer Experience through Digital Transformation
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Businesses today are technology-driven brigade marching towards digital transformation to catalyze growth. This includes the mode of operations and interactions with customers. Communication channels have evolved over the past decade, though with a lot of changes and adjustments, the evolution is proving to be worth every effort. Businesses today are reaching out to their customers and talking to them radically by deploying various digital transformation solutions. People, on the other hand, are researching on the web and gathering information about brands from diverse digital platforms to buy products and services online.And this is not all.The evolution of technology is a never-ending feat. The transformations that we are witnessing today are just the beginning of a 360-degree change; a change that we are gearing up for in the next few years. Digital transformation strategies that organizations are deploying today are likely to see a new face altogether, no later than a decade ahead.How does a digital transformation strategy affect the consumer experience?We are assured that digital transformation comes with an approach to impact every aspect of the business. This operational impact reflects in the consumer experience as they are the end-link of any business chain.Today, when the voice of a customer ...Read More on Datafloq
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