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Chatbots in the Industry- Setting Up a New Trend
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Having a chatbot work for you was a dream a few years ago. Businesses used to imagine the ease and benefits a chatbot can introduce in their lives. The technical experts of artificial intelligence and machine learning got together to bring this dream into reality. While the use of chatbots is not that common right now, but still we can see some industries already benefitting from it. From e-commerce to grocery stores and from automation testing companies to the construction industry, chatbots are making their way slowly in every business.Chatbots in ActionWhether you believe it or not, chatbots are already winning over the hearts of the people in a lot of industries. It would not be wrong to say that it is setting up a new trend and a new curve in the history of technological inventions. If you are still wishing to have a chatbot but want to know about its miracles first, here are some of the miracles it is doing in different industries.Entertainment IndustryIn our busy lives, we live today, there is almost no time left for entertainment. So instead of turning towards good movies, which takes a lot of time to search, people thought it would ...Read More on Datafloq
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