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Can Blockchain Technology Reduce Ocean Pollution?
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Blockchain technology is best known for its crucial role in supporting bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. In fact, the bitcoin system was what the blockchain was originally built for. But over the years, leaders in many different industries have realized that the potential for this technology extends far beyond the scope of digital currency. Today, blockchain solutions have begun to appear in security-focused industries like healthcare and finance. The distributed ledger system of the blockchain makes it much harder to tamper with and supports secure transactions. Security and privacy are key for organizations that handle customers’ sensitive information and financial assets. Now that the potential uses for blockchain technology have expanded, we’re seeing even more opportunities. One of the more unexpected uses for the blockchain is environmental conservation, specifically in fighting ocean pollution. But can distributed ledger technology help to clean up our oceans? One innovative startup is proving that it can. Just How Bad is the Ocean Pollution Situation? Our oceans are crucial to the world’s ecosystems. We depend on them for food, transportation, and many, many other facets of daily life. Unfortunately, billions of pounds of trash is introduced into the world’s oceans every year, disrupting their ...Read More on Datafloq
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