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AzureR updates: AzureStor, AzureVM, AzureGraph, AzureContainers
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Some major updates to AzureR packages this week! As well as last week's AzureRMR update, there are changes to AzureStor, AzureVM, AzureGraph and AzureContainers. All of these are live on CRAN. AzureStor 3.0.0 There are substantial enhancements to multiple-file transfers (up and down). You can supply a vector of pathnames to storage_upload/download as the source and destination arguments. Alternatively if you specify a wildcard source, there is now the ability to recurse through subdirectories; the directory structure in the source will be reproduced at the destination. There are revamped methods for getting storage properties and (user-defined) metadata for storage objects....
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