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5 Different Companies Trying to Gamify Cryptocurrencies
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Like with any other new technology, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has been trying to achieve mass adoption since the advent of bitcoin ten years ago. However, at this point, it is obvious that the average Joe does not need to know the technicalities of blockchain to use cryptocurrencies. In fact, by simplifying the technology, crypto-related startups realize a much higher chance of attracting mass adoption of their killer apps. With that in mind, different companies in this emerging industry have taken to gamification as a technique for engaging their audiences and customers. Gamification is simply the use of incentives and rewards to attract and encourage engagement on a platform. As a reward and incentive system, gamification has proven to work in multiple industries apart from crypto. 1. HedgeTrade (HEDG)HedgeTrade is a platform that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize social trading. The platform is designed such that the world’s best traders get to profit from their wealth of trading knowledge by making trading predictions that can be purchased by novice traders. Once purchased, the novice traders can use the predictions to improve their outcomes.The entire process in incentivized both for the sophisticated trader as well as the novice trader. Expert traders ...Read More on Datafloq
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