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The tech you use may cause higher premiums in cyber insurance
Due to increased demand and third-party risks, cyber insurance providers are evaluating businesses’ security postures much more carefully, to the point where they are limiting or denying coverage based on the use of a particular technology. Over the past three years, attack surfaces and adversary tactics have grown, and so …
Can a conversational AI pass NLP training?
Business growth in the era of AI
How decision intelligence changes the way companies make decisions Our hyperconnected world has become so complex that existing decision-making processes within organizations are no longer sufficient. In a study, about 65% of executives from Fortune 500 companies said that, as a result, decision-making in their organization has also fundamentally changed.
Interview: Alexey Utkin, Senior VP Capital Markets at DataArt
I recently caught up with Alexey Utkin, Senior VP Capital Markets at DataArt, to discuss data mesh architecture that is rising in importance with enterprises today and whether the technology will replace data warehouses, lakes, and other architectures.
Breaking down the higher price on a restaurant receipt
If you’ve eaten at a restaurant lately, you might have noticed a substantially…Tags: inflation, New York Times, receipt, restaurant
✚ Visualization for One
Communicate to fewer people to reach more.Tags: audience, generic, specificity
AI in Supply Chain — A Trillion Dollar Opportunity
Enabling AI in the supply chain empowers organizations to make decisions with confidence, adjust business practices quickly, and outpace the competition. Read more. The post AI in Supply Chain — A Trillion Dollar Opportunity appeared first on DataRobot AI Cloud.
Data sourcing is still a major stumbling block for AI
Enterprises continue to struggle acquiring sufficient, clean data to support their AI and machine learning attempts, according to Appen’s State of AI and Machine Learning study, which was published this week. Data sourcing is the most resource-intensive, time-consuming, and challenging stage of the four steps of AI, including data sourcing,
Google Cloud’s Curated Detections is a new threat intelligence tool
Report: New Data Management Models Are Essential To Operate In The Cloud
As organizations increasingly embrace cloud-first principles and the quantity and variety of their data exponentially increases, Capital One’s new Forrester study finds the vast majority of data management decision-makers are deeply concerned about controlling and forecasting data costs, leveraging data at scale, addressing data quality and consistency, and better protecting …
Worst drought in Europe, in 500 years
Dominic Royé mapped river discharge in Europe over the past few months: A…Tags: climate, Dominic Royé, drought, Europe
Hybrid Vs. Multi-Cloud: 5 Key Comparisons in Kafka Architectures
Cloud technology is becoming more important to modern businesses than ever. Ninety-four percent of enterprises invest in cloud infrastructures, due to the benefits it offers. An estimated 87% of companies using the cloud rely on hybrid cloud environments. However, some companies use other cloud solutions, which need to be discussed …
Pinecone Announces New Features to Lower the Barrier of Entry for Vector Search
Pinecone Systems Inc., a search infrastructure company, announced the release of new features and enhancements that make it significantly easier for developers — regardless of AI or ML experience and background – to get started with vector search for applications such as semantic search and recommendation systems. New features include …
The Benefits of Integrating AI and ML to Maximize Operational Efficiency
In this special guest feature, Zach Thomas, VP of Product Marketing, Conga, discusses the ways emerging technologies like AI and ML can expedite business operations to accelerate revenue. Outlined are the top benefits organizations can experience by integrating AI and ML into their operations, from improving CLM and CRM to …
Cybersecurity experts in the UK are on the same page about Computer Misuse Act reform
A report created by proponents of the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) reform hopes to provide policymakers considering changes to the law with clarity regarding the legitimacy and legality of some instances of unauthorized access to IT systems. According to the report, cybersecurity experts and professionals agree on these issues. The
Cross platform muscle memory
I’ve mostly used Windows and Linux for the last several years. When I needed to get a new laptop recently I got a MacBook Pro. I’ve used a Mac before, but it’s been a while, and so I’m starting over. I can move between Windows and Linux and almost forget …
Cloudera Launches All-in-One Data Lakehouse Cloud Service
Cloudera, the hybrid data company, announced the launch of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) One, an all-in-one data lakehouse software as a service (SaaS) offering that enables fast and easy self-service analytics and exploratory data science on any type of data. A simple yet powerful cloud service, only CDP One has …
Industrial operations will get a boost with the 5G time-critical services
Key planning and implementation concerns that will guarantee the success of 5G time-critical services are highlighted in a whitepaper from an industry trade organization for top telecommunications service providers and manufacturers. 5G time-critical services and networks will continue to improve, addressing new enterprise and industrial use cases. Modern 5G networks